Bucket List

Spring & Summer Bucket List

There are a lot of things I wanted to accomplish by the age of 25 – some of them I’ve done, and some of them I haven’t. I turned 23 at the beginning of March, and in a few short months, I’ll be starting medical school. Once that happens, I’m not going to have much (if any) free time. Therefore, I’ve written a Spring & Summer 2014 Bucket List:

  1. Attend a music festival
  2. Complete 3 projects from Pinterest
  3. Cook 3 meals from my family recipe box
  4. Donate blood
  5. Finish a 5K (without walking)
  6. Get certified in coastal sailing
  7. Jump the wake on my wakeboard
  8. Learn to speak Spanish
  9. Lose 25 pounds
  10. Pay off the interest on my student loans
  11. Start a blog

Some of the items on my list are more exciting than others, but I can’t wait to cross off each and every one of them. By starting this blog, I’ve already taken care of number 11. Now, it’s time to make the most of the next 5 months and accomplish 1-10!


8 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Bucket List”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I’m happy you like it, and I hope I can accomplish it all. As for you, you could always start with a short bucket list of relatively simple items. Once you start crossing items off your list, it’ll be easier to keep going and add more difficult tasks!

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