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Bonnaroo Preparation and Packing List

I can’t believe Bonnaroo is only 10 days away!! In the month that has passed since I bought my ticket, I’ve read multiple articles and blog posts about what to pack for a music festival, asked my friends who’ve been before for any advice or tips they could offer, and used the Bonnaroo app to make a schedule of all the artists I want to see. I’ve also been gradually purchasing things I’m going to need for the trip in order to spread out some of the financial burden. Today, I compared several music festival packing lists I found online, thought about the types of food I like and will actually be able to bring to the farm, and made my own Bonnaroo 2014 Packing List. There are still a few items on my list that I need to purchase (food, ear plugs, and a portable phone charger), but I’m finally beginning to feel somewhat prepared. Now, I should probably try to get some sleep so that I’m at least moderately functional at work tomorrow.

Bonnaroo 2014 Packing List


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