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A Month Dedicated to My Health ~ Update

Can you believe there’s only one week left in July? This month has definitely flown by for me, and I figured it’s time to give y’all an update on A Month Dedicated to My Health. Better late than never, right?

GoodBelly 12-Day Challenge

First of all, I want to start off by saying how good this juice tastes! I enjoyed every flavor I tried, but mango and pomegranate blackberry were my favorites. I really wanted to try the vanilla chamomile and tropical green as well, but neither of those flavors are carried at my local grocery stores. Now, it’s time to tell you what really matters – GoodBelly‘s probiotic juice did amazing things for my digestive system. Within a couple days of the challenge, I could already tell a huge difference. I won’t go into details (that’d probably be too much information for most of you), so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. I’ve continued drinking GoodBelly every morning even though the 12-day challenge is over, because it is THAT effective. I am so happy that I discovered this juice!

Button Down Dash (5K)

On a positive note, I am very close to being able to run an entire 5K – I can now run 2.25 miles straight through! On a negative note, I am not going to be able to run in the Button Down Dash on August 2. The lease at my current apartment ends on August 1, but the lease at my new townhouse doesn’t start until August 4. Therefore, I won’t be able to stay in Lawrenceville that weekend, and I am either going home or going to Charlotte to visit one of my friends from college. Wherever I am, I plan on running 3.1 miles outside to prove that I could have actually finished the Button Down Dash. I also plan on running in a 5K on August 23 being hosted by the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) at the medical school I’ll be attending. That way, I’ll still be able to cross “running a 5K” off of my Bucket List.

Lose 15 Pounds

As I predicted, this task has proven to be the most difficult of the three. I have lost over 6 pounds since July 1, which is a great accomplishment, but that’s not even half of the weight I had hoped to lose this month. Regardless, I am proud that I have become a healthier person over the past few weeks, and I plan to continue losing weight at a healthy pace until I reach my goal.


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