Bucket List

Bucket List ~ Update

I officially began medical school last Monday, so it’s time to let y’all know how I did in terms of completing the tasks on my Bucket List. Although I only ended up crossing off about half of the items, I still feel like I accomplished a lot over the past five months. I spent some much needed quality time with friends and family and improved both my physical and mental health – all while working an average of 40 hours a week. I have no doubt that I will eventually complete all of the tasks on my bucket list, but it is going to require a good amount of time, desire, determination, and patience. For now, you can read about what I’ve done so far (the words written in green contain a link to my post about that item).

1.  Attend a music festival

In June, I went to Bonnaroo with two of my best friends, Amanda and Colleen. I have never been as happy as I was during those three days on the farm, and I have already started making plans to go back next year!


2.  Complete 3 projects from Pinterest

I made two pairs of cut-off jean shorts and a flower headband, all of which I wore at Bonnaroo. I also started a daily calendar journal.


3.  Cook 3 meals from my family recipe box

I made blackberry crisp (a cobbler-like dish made with only 5 ingredients), Bourbon Street shrimp, and squash casserole. The first two dishes I made were delicious, but the last one tasted more like an omelette than a casserole. Clearly, I need some more practice!


4.  Donate blood

I never did get around to donating blood this summer, but I am certain I will have ample opportunities to complete this task as I continue my medical education.

5.  Finish a 5K (without walking)

I made plans to run two different 5Ks since writing my bucket list back in March, but both of those plans ended up falling through. I still try to go running at least 3 times a week, and I’m constantly on the look-out for other 5Ks in my area.

6.  Get certified in coastal sailing

My dad and I got certified in coastal sailing while our family was in Orlando for a conference my mom was invited to attend.


7.  Jump the wake on my wakeboard

I never did completely jump the wake, but I managed to land on the crest of the wave on the opposite side of the wake multiple times. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to cross this item off my list with a little more practice next summer, especially if I continue working to improve my endurance and muscle tone between now and then.

8.  Learn to speak Spanish

I made very little progress towards learning to speak Spanish, but one of my new roommates is fluent and said she will help me work on my accent once I have learned more of the basics.

9.  Lose 25 pounds

I lost 17 pounds since the beginning of March (a total of 36 since last August), so I technically need to lose 8 more pounds in order to cross this item off my list. Whether or not that happens, I am proud of my weight loss accomplishments thus far. I am a stronger, healthier, more confident, and all-around happier person than I was a year ago, and I am determined to continue the good habits I started over the past twelve months as I begin this new chapter in my life.

10.  Pay off the interest on my student loans

Not only did I pay off the interest on my student loans, but I also paid $1500 towards my principal balance.

11.  Start a blog

I obviously completed this task, but I need to work on posting more consistently.

Overall, I completed 6 of the 11 tasks on my Spring & Summer 2014 Bucket List, and I had an amazing time doing it! One day, I hope to cross off the other 5 items, as well as any other items I choose to add. No matter how busy my life may get, I have to make sure I’m doing things I enjoy, taking care of my health, and appreciating the people who are important to me – I believe bucket lists are an amazing way to keep these goals in mind.


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