Medical Mission Trip to Nepal

A couple of months ago, I decided to go on a medical mission trip to Nepal this summer. In response to the earthquake that occurred last week, many of my friends and family have been asking if my classmates and I will still be going on this trip. The answer is a resounding YES!

Our original plan was to team up with 2 American physicians and the staff at a small community health clinic to provide free primary care services to approximately 600 patients who would not otherwise have access to healthcare. We were hoping to help people with various medical conditions, from minor cuts/bruises/scrapes, diarrhea, and back pain to asthma, worm infections, and eye infections. While there, we were also planning to visit local schools to teach the young girls and boys about preventive health and good hygiene practices.

Because of the earthquake which occurred last week—causing damage unimaginable to many of us—our plans may have to be adjusted. We have been communicating with our contacts in Nepal, and they have asked us to be flexible regarding the type of care we plan provide. Due to the changing needs of the Jhor community, we may be providing more humanitarian relief than primary medical care.

I will post more details as our travel dates approach, but for now, you can read about the basics of the trip and offer your financial support here. Every contribution helps!


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