Daily Journal

One Pinterest project that I’ve wanted to try for years is a daily journal calendar. The idea is that you write down one thing that you do or experience every day in order to gather a collection of memories associated with each day of the year. You can write down things that make you happy, things that make you sad, or even things that make you angry – it’s completely up to you!

I finally started one of these journals in August of 2014, but instead of making a physical calendar, I decided to do an electronic version here on my blog. So far, I have really enjoyed the process of making this journal. It’s been an easy way for my friends and family to stay updated on my life even when I don’t have time to write a complete blog post or call them to catch up.

Click on any of the links below to read all about what I’m currently up to and/or was doing that month in the past! Fair warning though – most of my days consist of sitting in lecture, grabbing a quick bite to eat with classmates, and then studying in the library until I can no longer hold my eyes open, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of those types of things while scrolling through.

January | February | March | April | May | June | July

August | September | October | November | December


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