01 ~ January

January 1

2015 – Lexi, Brandon, and I watched 4 movies and the Alabama vs. Ohio State football game.

2016 – I met Namrata’s boyfriend, Nipum.

2017 – I flew from Atlanta to Philadelphia, took an Uber to the train station, rode a bus from Philadelphia to Scranton, and then walked to my apartment.

January 2

2015 – I drove to Charlotte to visit Madison while she was home from Hawaii for Christmas break.

2016 – I went to Dave & Buster’s with Abdul, Amanda, Mahtab, Namrata, Nipum, and Vash.

2017 – I rearranged my room, cleaned the apartment, and updated my budget spreadsheets.

January 3

2015 – Amanda, Madison, and I played Just Dance and went shopping at a new outlet mall in Charlotte.

2016 – I got tea at Dr. Bombay’s with Byron and then had dinner with Trishad at Moksha.

2017 – I started my endocrinology rotation with Dr. Jameson and watched him perform 4 ultrasound-assisted thyroid biopsies before seeing 5 more patients at the office.

January 4

2015 – I visited Reghan for a couple hours and got to see her new house.

2016 – I officially registered to take COMLEX Level 1.

2017 – Ronak interviewed at a hospital in North Bergen, NJ and then surprised me with a visit.

January 5

2015 – My roommates and I decided to get a maid to help keep our townhouse clean.

2016 – I reorganized my board prep materials and finalized my study schedule.

2017 – I finished watching the first season of Westworld.

January 6

2015 – We learned how to diagnose cervical segmental dysfunctions in OMM lab.

2016 – We watched a video of uterine artery ablation for treatment of fibroids.

2017 – I saw patients with Dr. Jameson in the neuroendocrine clinic and then studied cardiology with Ronak over the phone.

January 7

2015 – I got a B on my third PCS written exam.

2016 – I was asked to meet with members of the PCOM administration to discuss how my class feels about the DO program.

2017 – Arjun, Chioma, Nima, Shuchi, and I had dinner at Eden, a vegan cafe in downtown Scranton.

January 8

2015 – I watched 6 episodes of Friends on Netflix.

2016 – We had 7 hours of guest lecture on gynecology with Dr. Monzo.

2017 – I started watching the show Black Mirror on Netflix.

January 9

2015 – I went to the gym with Vash, one of my new friends in the biomedical sciences program.

2016 – I slept in until noon before going to school to study.

2017 – I bought an orange and purple beta fish and named him Tiger in support of Clemson playing in (and winning) the national championship.

January 10

2015 – Amanda and I got our plane tickets for our spring break trip to California.

2016 – I worked in the library from 5:00-10:30.

2017 – I talked to Colleen on the phone for the first time in a while.

January 11

2015 – I spent 16 hours on campus studying without stepping outside once.

2016 – I watched Clemson play Alabama in the NCAA championship with some friends on campus.

2017 – Ronak and I did yoga together over FaceTime.

January 12

2015 – I took my third OMM written exam and had another OMM practical.

2016 – I went to a meeting to learn more about the opportunity to do clinical rotations in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

2017 –

January 13

2015 – I learned about HIV and the pathogenesis of AIDS in microbiology.

2016 – I overslept and missed 4 hours of lecture.

2017 –

January 14

2015 – I took my fourth PCBM exam.

2016 – I found out that I am officially moving to Scranton, PA for clinical rotations!

2017 –

January 15

2015 – We were taught how to correctly don and doff when working with TB patients.

2016 – I made a B on my first reproductive health exam, had Thai food with Claire for dinner, and went to Athens with some classmates.

2017 –

January 16

2015 – I made a playlist of songs by artists who are going to be at Bonnaroo this summer.

2016 – I went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch with Sumeer and Trishad.

2017 –

January 17

2015 – My friend, Namrata, introduced me and about 20 other people to her sister, parents, and grandmother who were visiting her for the weekend.

2016 – I did 40 reproductive health practice questions on COMBANK.

2017 –

January 18

2015 – I decided at the last minute to go to a party/sleepover with some new friends in the biomedical sciences program (Abdul, Amanda, Mahtab, Melis, Namrata, Lavar, and Vash).

2016 – I spent all day in the library studying for OMM.

2017 –

January 19

2015 – I spent 18 hours on campus studying.

2016 – We reviewed how to do a neurological exam in PCS.

2017 –

January 20

2015 – We learned some muscle energy techniques for the cervical region in OMM lab.

2016 – We had our ninth written and practical OMM exams.

2017 –

January 21

2015 – I took my third CMBM exam and got the second lowest grade I’ve ever made on an exam.

2016 – We had 3 hours of guest lecture with a laborist.

2017 –

January 22

2015 – I went to a sleepover at Namrata’s to celebrate Mahtab’s birthday.

2016 – Our guest lecturer was 2 hours late.

2017 –

January 23

2015 – My roommates and I threw a party for Merin’s birthday.

2016 – Namrata and I went to a coffee shop in Duluth to study before going to Mahtab’s surprise birthday party.

2017 –

January 24

2015 – I went to lunch with Mahtab at Taco Bell before going to campus to catch up on some lectures I missed earlier in the week.

2016 – Carolyn, Trishad, Zaheera, and I reviewed some biochemistry COMBANK questions.

2017 –

January 25

2015 – A group of us attempted to surprise Vash with a birthday cake at midnight, but he wasn’t surprised at all.

2016 – I was in mandatory lecture and meetings non-stop for 11 hours.

2017 –

January 26

2015 – I read a scientific paper on the use of an antagonist as a drug therapy for type 2 diabetes.

2016 – I applied for a SkyMiles credit card with Delta.

2017 –

January 27

2015 – I attended a Student Government Association (SGA) meeting as a proxy for one of the members of DO council.

2016 – My friends and I began using an app called “forest” that helps us focus and monitor how much we each are studying.

2017 –

January 28

2015 – I attended a guest lecture on occupational medicine.

2016 – We learned some ENT techniques in OMM lab.

2017 –

January 29

2015 – I gave a 30 minute presentation on metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and a new potential drug therapy.

2016 – I got to use a portable ultrasound machine to visualize a classmate’s Nexplanon implant.

2017 –

January 30

2015 – I spent the entire afternoon and evening watching lectures on tegrity.

2016 – I woke up at noon and spent the rest of the day studying in the library.

2017 –

January 31

2015 – I had dinner with Mahtab, Ronak, and Vaishali at Iron Age.

2016 – Parissa convinced me to re-download Coffee Meets Bagel.

2017 –


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