02 ~ February

February 1

2015 – I called Carter for his birthday but still felt very sad that I couldn’t celebrate with him and the rest of my family.

2016 – The weather was beautiful, so I went running for the first time in months.

2017 – I didn’t know a patient’s past medical history prior to her surgery and therefore made a fool of myself when pimped by my attending in the OR.

2018 – I called Carter to wish him a happy birthday, and then spent the rest of the night looking at tiny houses online.

February 2

2015 – I took and barely passed my fourth CMBM exam.

2016 – Dr. Oliver Bullock gave an extremely inspirational talk about “Leadership in Medicine” during lunch.

2017 – I attended a vascular wet lab and sutured a water-tight end-to-side AV fistula.

2018 – Ronak and I talked in more detail about his budget for an engagement ring and started considering some non-traditional options.

February 3

2015 – Amanda taught me how to play four notes (A, C, F, and G) on the ukulele.

2016 – I went to four hours of lecture and answered COMBANK questions for five hours.

2017 – I got to help stitch up several of a patient’s facial lacerations while on call.

2018 – I drove to Harrisburg, PA to visit Lexi and Travis and had dinner with them at Himalayan Fusion.

February 4

2015 – I took a four and a half hour nap in the game room on campus.

2016 – I felt really emotional all day, because I missed Carter’s birthday two years in a row and will be missing Brooks’ birthday for the third time in a row.

2017 – I called both dad and mom to tell them how much I was enjoying my surgery rotation.

2018 -I watched the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl with Lexi and Travis.

February 5

2015 – There was a murder-suicide in the Arnold School of Public Health resulting in two casualties (fortunately, none of my friends or colleagues were injured).

2016 – I woke up extremely late and missed three hours of lecture.

2017 – Anna Lee and I bought our plane tickets for Colleen’s bachelorette weekend in New Orleans.

2018 – I found out that I matched to my first choice program (WellSpan Good Samaritan Family Medicine Residency in Lebanon, PA)!

February 6

2015 – We learned about hemoglobin, red blood cells, and the coagulation cascade.

2016 – I went to Anatolia’s with Mahtab, and we finally got to catch up after months of trying to hang out with each other.

2017 – Ronak didn’t match and had to scramble, but he ended up signing with an internal medicine program in Blacksburg, VA.

2018 – I assisted with two vaginal deliveries and one cesarean section.

February 7

2015 – I practiced OMM techniques with Carolyn and Jeff for three hours.

2016 – I had brunch with Aarthi, Shuchi, and Sonya at Cafe Intermezzo.

2017 – I scrubbed in for two laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairs.

2018 – I finally gave my presentation on delirium and dementia (it had to be rescheduled when I had the flu).

February 8

2015 – I pulled an all-nighter in preparation for my fourth OMM written exam.

2016 – Namrata, Shuchi, Zaheera, and I had a roomie date at the Raging Burrito in Decatur.

2017 – I got to hold the camera during a laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

2018 – I watched two circumcisions using a Mogen clamp.

February 9

2015 – I took and barely passed my fourth OMM written exam.

2016 – I learned how to do an EKG and had one done on myself in PCS.

2017 – I drove to work in 6 inches of snow, so my commute took an hour longer than usual.

2018 – I did four newborn exams and helped take care of a 2-day old baby in respiratory distress.

February 10

2015 – I spent over ten hours preparing for an upcoming presentation.

2016 – I met with Dr. Fleming and the SAAO executive board to plan our events for the rest of the year.

2017 – I sat down with Dr. Rusnok, my general surgery attending, and got feedback on my performance so far.

2018 – I went to a potluck at Dr. Lane’s house with the family medicine residents.

February 11

2015 – I took my fourth OMM practical exam.

2016 – I got a cupcake from Abdul for Valentine’s Day, which was really sweet (but unexpected) and brought back some emotions I didn’t want/need.

2017 – I took a Level 1 practice exam and failed, so I pushed my test date back yet again.

2018 – I went on a 0.75 mile jog around downtown Lebanon, PA.

February 12

2015 – I gave a thirty minute presentation on HIV and a new potentially therapeutic dendritic cell vaccine.

2016 – Malvika, Parissa, and I went to see How to Be Single and laughed throughout the whole movie.

2017 – I helped Imran debride wounds on two patients with necrotizing fasciitis.

2018 – I had a 30-minute counseling session with a GA-PCOM financial advisor.

February 13

2015 – A huge group of PCOM students went to Cosmo Lava to celebrate Shuchi’s birthday, and two different guys (Abdul and Ronak) asked me out.


2016 – I went to the SweetWater Brewery with mom, dad, and Carter to celebrate Carter’s 21st and my 25th birthday.


2017 – I took Shuchi out for dinner and drinks at Ale Mary’s for her birthday.

2018 – Dr. Buckwalter sent me a document summarizing WellSpan’s health insurance options.

February 14

2015 – Ashruta, Carolyn, Shuchi, Vaishali, Zaheera, and I had dinner at La Parrilla in Atlanta.

2016 – I bought a dozen donuts and handed them out to my friends at school for Valentine’s Day.

2017 – I spent all day in the OR with a resident notorious for her condescending attitude towards medical students.

2018 – I toured a townhouse available for rent in downtown Lebanon and loved it!

February 15

2015 – I went to brunch with Ronak at J. Christopher’s in Duluth.

2016 – I failed my first GI exam, as did 70% of my classmates.

2017 – I got a valentine in the mail from grandmama.

2018 – Arielle and I went to Snitz Creek Brewery.

February 16

2015 – Amanda and I booked rooms through AirBnB for our spring break trip to California.

2016 – I learned how to draw blood and inject an IV in PCS, and then I pulled an all-nighter studying for my OMM final.

2017 – I got to watch a transhiatal esophagectomy procedure.

2018 – I had dinner with Don and his wife at the Blue Bird Inn.

February 17

2015 – I went to see 50 Shades of Grey with Aarthi and Sara.

2016 – I barely passed my OMM written final.

2017 – Namrata and I talked on the phone for the first time in months, and we picked a weekend in April for her to come visit.

2018 – I met Salma, one of my fellow interns, for dinner and drinks at the Foundry.

February 18

2015 – I got approval to complete 37 hours of community service instead of paying my $368.55 speeding ticket, but I’ll be on probation with the state of Georgia until my hours are completed.


2016 – I ate Papa John’s pizza for the first time in a year, and my stomach was upset all night.

2017 – Meg and I talked on the phone for almost an hour after she got home from a date with a psychologist in Augusta.

2018 – I played Stardew Valley and made a spreadsheet outlining what it would cost to rent the townhouse I toured.

February 19

2015 – We had our first CMBM group case study.

2016 – I aced my OMM practical.

2017 – It was 70 degrees in Scranton, so I got some much-needed sun by taking a walk around the square.

2018 – I went grocery shopping at Aldi and made pasta to take to work for lunch.

February 20

2015 – I finally got to talk to Anna Lee for the first time since she moved to Pennsylvania.

2016 – I went out in Atlanta with Mahtab and her friend, Dina.

2017 – I found out from one of the surgery residents that there are several OB/GYN fellowships available for Family Medicine physicians in Virginia.

2018 – I saw twelve prenatal patients at a free clinic in downtown Lebanon.

February 21

2015 – I watched Friends with Abdul for a few hours.

2016 – Mahtab and I did a “grand slam” consisting of 4 juice shots meant to detox and re-energize the body at Arden’s Garden.

2017 – I got to sleep during most of my night call shift.

2018 – I gave a 45-minute presentation on conversion disorder, depression, and anxiety.

February 22

2015 – I watched 4 episodes of House of Cards when I couldn’t sleep.

2016 – We had 7 hours of mandatory lecture with Dr. Lloyd, a general surgeon.

2017 – I spent the majority of my day reviewing renal physiology.

2018 – I worked my last shift in Lebanon as a medical student.

February 23

2015 – I went to Moe’s for lunch with Shuchi and Zaheera.

2016 – SAAO hosted a COMAT review with Dr. Fleming.

2017 – Ronak came to town, and we got dinner at Kildare’s after I got off work.

2018 – I drove to Blacksburg and saw Black Panther with Ronak and his friends from work.

February 24

2015 – We learned how to diagnose rib somatic dysfunctions in OMM lab.

2016 – Dr. Gregory informed us that we have to be in Scranton, PA July 5-7 for orientation.

2017 – I evaluated and presented on a surgical oncology patient with an extensive and complicated medical history.

2018 – Ronak and I ate Taco Bell and watched Netflix after he got off work.

February 25

2015 – Classes got canceled due to “snow.”

2016 – I gave a presentation on diverticulitis to my entire class.

2017 – I had another panic attack but felt better after doing some yoga.

2018 – I drove to Aiken and played Catan with my parents.

February 26

2015 – I took my fourth PCS exam and then napped from 3:30-10:30 pm.

2016 – I passed my GI final exam and played in a PCOM Fit flag football game.

2017 – Ronak and I went grocery shopping and made orecchiette pasta with brussels sprouts.

2018 – I started my rotation with Dr. Degnan and met Meena, a 3rd year medical student from VCOM.

February 27

2015 – I went to lunch with Abdul at Brown Bag Deli after taking my CMBM final.

2016 – I rode to Augusta with Zaheera before going to Aiken to visit my family.

2017 – I started my breast surgery rotation and spent all day in the clinic.

2018 – I met up with Meg for lunch at Thai Thai Sawasdee.

February 28

2015 – Amanda and I had lunch in Laguna Hills on our way from Los Angeles to San Diego.

2016 – I drove my parents and Father Kirby to the airport for their trip to Jerusalem.

2017 – I cancelled my Delta credit card and applied for a Blue Cash Everyday Rewards card.

2018 – Mom and I played Sequence together when I got home from work.





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