03 ~ March

March 1

2015 – Amanda and I explored Balboa Park, Coronado Beach, and La Jolla Cove in San Diego.

2016 – I had lunch with Parissa at Your Pie, studied for a couple hours at school, and went grocery shopping.

2017 – Ronak and I had lunch at Red Robin and spent the afternoon studying pharmacology.

2018 – ***

March 2

2015 – Amanda and I visited downtown LA and went to the observation deck on the 27th floor of city hall.

2016 – I bought a new pair of jeans, a professional top, and nude Nine West flats from T.J. Maxx.

2017 – I sent a card to Ronak’s mom for her birthday.

2018 – ***

March 3

2015 – Amanda and I hiked in Griffith Park to see the Hollywood sign.


2016 – I went to an improv show at Dad’s Garage in Edgewood with Alison and Vaishali.

2017 – I studied at Starbucks all day and then ordered take-out Italian food for dinner.

2018 – ***

March 4

2015 – Amanda and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner before going to Noc Noc to grab a beer in San Francisco.

2016 – I went to Verde with Trishad and Zaheera for dinner and had some amazing guacamole, buffalo tofu tacos, and pineapple serrano margaritas.

2017 – I spent the day studying and pretending it wasn’t actually my birthday.

2018 – ***

March 5

2015 – Amanda and I ate lunch at Land’s End Lookout and hiked around an area that was supposed to be closed to the public.


2016 – I got a pedicure, had dinner with a bunch of friends at Escorpion in Midtown, and went dancing at Cosmo Lava to celebrate my 25th birthday.

2017 – I had a panic attack while studying and decided to call my brother and some friends back after ignoring their calls the day before.

2018 – ***

March 6

2015 – Amanda, Jordan, and I went to see Umphrey’s McGee at the Wiltern in LA.

2016 – I ate the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Johns Creek and then got a really good deal on an Adrianna Papell gown for formal at the Mall of Georgia.

2017 – I reviewed OMM and pharmacology before driving to Doylestown, PA to stay with Anna Lee and Tim the night before my exam.

2018 – ***

March 7

2015 – I ate a delicious tofu and egg burrito at a Kogi BBQ food truck in LAX.

2016 – I took a mock board exam, which did not go very well, and competed in a Make A Wish corn hole tournament with Parissa.

2017 – I took Level 1 of the COMLEX for the second time.

2018 – ***

March 8

2015 – I met Merin’s fiance, Thomson.

2016 – I ate lunch outside since the weather was beautiful.

2017 – Ronak took me out to dinner at Terra Preta, a farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Scranton, for my birthday.

2018 – ***

March 9

2015 – We learned about neurotransmitters and glial cells in neuroanatomy (BCN).

2016 – I attended mandatory lecture all day before working a shift at the library.

2017 – I had the worst Brazilian wax experience of my life at a salon in Wilkes-Barre, but I’ll spare my readers the details.

2018 – ***

March 10

2015 – Amanda, Namrata, Vash, and I had a sleepover at Abdul’s.

2016 – Parissa and I got spray tans at RAW in Midtown.

2017 – Ronak and I drove to Harrisburg to attend the DiSanto’s engagement party for Lexi and Travis.

2018 – ***

March 11

2015 – I went to Rustic Couch in Duluth with Carolyn and Vaishali to study.

2016 – I went to PCOM’s formal (aka “doctor prom”) with Ronak.


2017 – Lexi took myself and the other bridesmaids dress shopping, and she gave us a tour of the house she and Travis just bought.

2018 – ***

March 12

2015 – I ran 2 miles and worked out at the PCOM gym.

2016 – I picked up my parents from the airport and took them to Taco Depot for dinner.

2017 – I went furniture shopping with Lexi and Travis.

2018 – ***

March 13

2015 – I went to see John Mellencamp with mom, dad, and Carter at the Fox Theater.

2016 – I found out that Abdul is not only dating one of his roommates, but they are in love with each other and planning their futures together.

2017 – I applied for Pennsylvania medicaid.

2018 – ***

March 14

2015 – I went to Outback with a group of friends and Carter before going to a party back at my place to celebrate my birthday.


2016 – Dr. Mark, our guest psychiatry lecturer, was one spot in front of me in PCOM’s breakfast buffet line and paid for my meal.

2017 – We got 18 inches of snow, so Ronak and I played in the snow at the square.

2018 – ***

March 15

2015 – I went to George Pierce Park to study with Mahtab.

2016 – Amanda and I rode to Orlando with Dr. Fleming for the 2016 AAO Convocation.

2017 – Ronak and I spent the day watching movies, cooking, and researching AOA OB/GYN residency programs.

2018 – ***

March 16

2015 – We had our second neuroanatomy lab, and I got a 5/5 on the quiz.

2016 – Amanda and I spent the day studying at our hotel.

2017 – My car got stuck in a snowbank on the way to work, so I had to carpool with Ronak and go in a few hours late.

2018 – ***

March 17

2015 – I ran 4.5 miles with Abdul and Mahtab.

2016 – We attended some lectures in the morning and went to the student mixer that night.

2017 – I worked in the clinic for 8 hours and then rode a bus to NYC with Ronak.

2018 – ***

March 18

2015 – I drove to Dekalb to meet with my probation officer for the second time.

2016 – Amanda and I attended a couple more lectures and participated in a scavenger hunt around the hotel.

2017 – Ronak and I  got brunch with Yasmine at Jane, saw Chicago on Broadway, ate dinner at Pastai, and drank some amazing cocktails at Flatiron Lounge.

2018 – ***

March 19

2015 – Claire and I made vegetable Thai curry and rice for dinner.

2016 – I went to a NUFA social and met some NMM/OMM residents from Orlando, FL.

2017 – Ronak and I had brunch at Cafe Colette, got coffee at The Bean, sampled beer and took a tour at Brooklyn Brewery, and then traveled back to Scranton.

2018 – ***

March 20

2015 – I went over to Abdul’s to celebrate the Persian New Year with Mahtab and a bunch of our friends.

2016 – Hunter and I spent 8 hours driving back from Orlando, and then I went to Mahtab’s house in Marietta to celebrate the Persian New Year with her family.

2017 – Ronak and I started watching The Night Of.

2018 – ***

March 21

2015 – Shuchi and I studied neuroscience and ate lunch at Brown Bag Deli.

2016 –  I was an hour late to mandatory lecture with Dr. Golden, an emergency medicine physician from PA.

2017 – I saw, presented on, and wrote notes about 8 patients in the breast clinic.

2018 – ***

March 22

2015 – I spent 16 hours on campus studying.

2016 – I had an online lecture in the morning and attended 3 hours of guest lecture with a pediatrician in the afternoon.

2017 – Ronak and I worked out our triceps and chest muscles at the gym.

2018 – ***

March 23

2015 – Carolyn and I went shopping with Vaishali after taking our first written BCN exam.

2016 – Angie, Carolyn, Cheryl, and I met with the new International Medicine Club executive board.

2017 – I got to close a patient’s radical mastectomy incision.

2018 – ***

March 24

2015 – Abdul and I officially started dating.

2016 – I made an 87%, 80%, and 63% on our first emergency medicine, psychiatry, and surgery/EENT exams, respectively, and found out that I passed our practice COMAT, meaning I can exempt our written OMM midterm and final exams.

2017 – I took my surgery shelf exam, and Ronak treated me to dinner at Terra Preta.

2018 – ***

March 25

2015 – Carolyn and I spent 5 hours trying to learn the ascending and descending spinal cord tracts.

2016 – I attended 7 hours of mandatory lecture, hung out with Ronak for a couple hours, and flew to Harrisburg, PA.

2017 – Ronak and I took Namrata to Terra Preta for happy hour and dinner since everything was so good the night before.

2018 – ***

March 26

2015 – Claire and I went over to Wales’ apartment for wine night.

2016 – Dr. DiSanto, Lexi, Rebecca, Vanessa, and I went bridesmaid and wedding dress shopping.

2017 – Namrata and I went shopping at Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret in Wilkes-Barre.

2018 – ***

March 27

2015 – Abdul and I had sushi at Mori House and assembled a new bookshelf for his room.

2016 – Dr. DiSanto, Rebecca, Vanessa, and I started planning Lexi’s surprise bachelorette weekend, and I hung out with Ronak after he picked me up from the airport.

2017 – I started my internal medicine rotation.

2018 – ***

March 28

2015 – Abdul taught me how to play the intro to All Along the Watchtower on the guitar.

2016 – I went to 7 hours of lecture and worked 5 hours at the library.

2017 – I confirmed an ER rotation with Dr. Johnson at GRU this summer.

2018 – ***

March 29

2015 – Abdul made chocolate chip banana pancakes for Amanda, Namrata, and me.

2016 – After work, I went to the gym for the first time in months.

2017 – I got to sit in on a patient’s cardiac ablation procedure.

2018 – ***

March 30

2015 – I took and passed my first neuroanatomy lab exam.

2016 – We had a meeting with the new SAAO officers and began the transition process.

2017 – I scheduled an OB/GYN audition rotation with St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in NY.

2018 – ***

March 31

2015 – We learned some costal muscle energy techniques in OMM lab.

2016 – I got the new iPhone SE and then hung out with Ronak at his place.

2017 – I went to dinner with some internal medicine residents for Jon’s birthday.

2018 – ***








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