04 ~ April

April 1

2015 – Abdul and I watched Marley & Me.

2016 – I sat through 7 hours of mandatory lecture, attended the Student Organizations Council Banquet, and went to Anatolia’s with Craig, Kevin, Mahtab, Parissa, Petros, and Phil.


2017 – I was declined by 2 OB/GYN residency programs for audition rotations.

2018 – I signed up to be an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields as a member of Katy’s team.

April 2

2015 – I went to Kani House for dinner with Abdul, Mahtab, Namrata, Vash, and some other biomeds.

2016 – I studied on campus for a few hours and then went to wine night with Claire, Matt, Max, and Wales.

2017 – I FaceTimed with Zaheera while studying at Starbucks.

2018 – ***

April 3

2015 – Abdul and I had and then resolved our first argument.

2016 – Ronak and I had brunch at Joy Cafe, studied for a while at his place, and went to Masti for dinner.

2017 – I FaceTimed with Carolyn and talked about how stressful it is to apply for audition rotations and residency.

2018 – ***

April 4

2015 – Carter and I went to see Alt-J at the Chastain Park Amphitheater.


2016 – I went to a cardio board review with Dr. Hogue and watched a KissPharm video on psychiatric drugs.

2017 -I FaceTimed with Amanda while she was visiting Madison in Hawaii.

2018 – ***

April 5

2015 – I drove to Aiken to celebrate Easter with my family.


2016 – I studied on campus during the day and worked a shift in the library at night.

2017 – I was so stressed and exhausted that I fell asleep immediately after getting home from work.

2018 – ***

April 6

2015 – We had our fourth neuroanatomy lab.

2016 – I went to a residency information session with some residents , attendings, and program directors from both GA and PA.

2017 – I found out that I passed Level 1 and went to happy hour at Terra Preta with Nima to celebrate.

2018 – ***

April 7

2015 – We had an interactive brainstem lesion lecture, which I found to be extremely stressful and overwhelming.

2016 – I went to SweetWater with Gopi, Parissa, Phil, Trishad, and Zaheera.


2017 – I drove to Doylestown and had dinner with Anna Lee, Ben, Kristin, and Tim.

2018 – ***

April 8

2015 – I made a GoFundMe page to raise money for my medical mission trip to Nepal.

2016 – Even though I was hungover, I made it to all 7 hours of mandatory lecture.

2017 – Anna Lee, Tim, and I went to a game night at their friends’ house.

2018 – ***

April 9

2015 – I got an oil change and had the tires rotated on Cliff (my Ford Escape).

2016 – I drove to the lake to spend the day with my parents, siblings, and nephews.

2017 – I went to a bridal expo with Anna Lee.

2018 – ***

April 10

2015 – I had my first appointment with Dr. Thompson, an OB/GYN in Johns Creek.

2016 – I studied at a Starbucks near Emory and then at a park in Midtown, and I watched Silence of the Lambs with Ronak.

2017 – I got an adorable voicemail from Brooks asking me to come to Aiken for a sleepover.

2018 – ***

April 11

2015 – I studied at the picnic tables outside of PCOM instead of staying in the library all day.

2016 – I bought two professional dresses from Ross for rotations and had dinner at Masti with Ronak again.

2017 – Shuchi and I had an argument about Ronak staying in our apartment while she was gone.

2018 – ***

April 12

2015 – I spent 16 hours studying on campus.

2016 – I watched 5 USMLE-Rx videos, practiced techniques for my OMM practical, and went to dinner at Twisted Taco for Alison’s birthday.

2017 – A PA instructed me on how to place a central line.

2018 – ***

April 13

2015 – I failed my second BCN exam.

2016 – I aced my second to last OMM practical.


2017 – Anna Lee and I traveled to New Orleans to meet up with everyone at Colleen’s bachelorette party.

2018 – ***

April 14

2015 – I got a 100% on my OMM lab quiz.

2016 – Ronak and I went to MJ’s Korean Tacos for dinner, and I watched a live-feed of Randi and Cody getting married in Vegas.

2017 – The girls, Wales, and I explored the French Quarter and then went out dancing on Frenchman Street.

2018 – ***

April 15

2015 – I got a 90% on my neuroanatomy lab quiz.

2016 – I attended 6 hours of mandatory lecture and studied all afternoon.

2017 – I went to a pole dancing class with the girls.

2018 – ***

April 16

2015 – I met with my PO for the third time, and she yelled at me once again for not having my community service hours completed yet.

2016 – I worked a shift at the library and watched Slumdog Millionaire with Ronak.

2017 – I registered for the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE.

2018 – ***

April 17

2015 – Carolyn, Jeff, and I sold Dunkin Donuts to raise money for our mission trip to Nepal.

2016 – Ronak and I had brunch at Einstein’s and went to Piedmont Park to study.

2017 – I worked with a new PCU attending and got positive feedback on my progress notes.

2018 – ***

April 18

2015 – I finally found a non-profit organization (SafeRide America) that would let me complete my community service hours in order to pay off my speeding ticket.

2016 – I made a COMLEX/USMLE Study Schedule to keep me on track through the end of May.

2017 – Ronak and I did yoga together over FaceTime.

2018 – ***

April 19

2015 – My parents met me at Newk’s in Suwanee for lunch.

2016 – We learned how to scrub with some students from Gwinett Technical College.

2017 – Dr. Kupas gave a lecture on how to pay off medical school debt and become a millionaire within 10 years of graduating.

2018 – ***

April 20

2015 – I took and passed my fifth OMM written exam.

2016 – I studied with Carolyn for 6 hours and got Moe’s with Parissa for dinner.

2017 – My attending bought pizza for myself and the rest of the PCU staff for lunch.

2018 – ***

April 21

2015 – SAAO, the club of which I am president, hosted an event to teach pharmacy and biomedical sciences students about OMM.

2016 – I took (and passed) my EM and SEENT finals.

2017 – I got official confirmation that my new health insurance was approved.

2018 – ***

April 22

2015 – I volunteered at SafeRide America for the first time.

2016 – I passed my Life Stages final (which was my last didactic exam ever), had lunch at Twisted Taco with a bunch of classmates, and went to Cirque du Soleil with Ronak.

2017 – Lexi and I got manicures and pedicures.

2018 – ***

April 23

2015 – I took my third PACS practical exam.

2016 – I worked a shift in the library and had dinner with Aarthi at Currylicious.

2017 – I ran a 10-minute mile around downtown Scranton.

2018 – ***

April 24

2015 – Carolyn and I both attempted to dye our hair (purple and rose gold, respectively), but the colors didn’t take very well.

2016 – Ronak and I studied at a coffee shop in midtown, had brunch at 10th & Piedmont, and watched The Conjuring.

2017 – I started my last rotation as a 3rd year.

2018 – ***

April 25

2015 – I got an email about meeting with the Student Progress and Evaluation Committee since my grades have significantly dropped this term.

2016 – I watched 11 USMLE-Rx videos and met with my COMLEX mentor, Dr. Hielscher, to discuss my study plan.

2017 – One of my cardiology attendings taught me a systematic approach for interpreting EKGs.

2018 – ***

April 26

2015 – I studied with Zaheera at a Starbucks in Midtown.

2016 – I presented a case involving a patient with a hydatidiform mole in PCS.

2017 – I learned the basics of CHF diagnosis and management.

2018 – ***

April 27

2015 – We had our seventh and final neuroanatomy lab.


2016 – We learned how to use ultrasound to examine the thyroid gland.

2017 – I answered and reviewed 45 COMQUEST practice questions.

2018 – ***

April 28

2015 – We learned some HVLA techniques to treat anterior and posterior innominate rotations.

2016 – I won $50 playing “Salman Says” in OMM lab, studied at a coffee shop in Buckhead, and had drinks with Smitha in the Highlands.

2017 – I went to dinner with Chioma, Kevin, and Shuchi at Tequila, a new Mexican restaurant in downtown Scranton.

2018 – ***

April 29

2015 – We had eight hours of mandatory PCBM lecture with Dr. Berkowitz.

2016 – I had lunch with Claire at Mellow Mushroom and spent the rest of the day studying at Ronak’s place.

2017 – Ronak and I had brunch at Murphy’s, biked the beltline, and went to dinner at Seasons 52.

2018 – ***

April 30

2015 – I slept through my alarm and was forty-five minutes late to PCS lecture.

2016 – I went for a jog, watched several USMLE-Rx videos, and FaceTimed Ronak while he was on-call at AMC.

2017 – Ronak and I went to brunch with Snehel and spent the rest of the day hanging out with Mansi and RJ at their place.

2018 – ***







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