05 ~ May

May 1

2015 – Abdul and I had lunch at Firehouse and watched an episode of Breaking Bad after my neuroanatomy lab final.

2016 – I worked an 11-hour shift at the library.

2017 – Ronak and I went to the Civil and Human Rights Museum.

May 2

2015 – I watched Dr. Najeeb’s lectures on the cerebellum.

2016 – I watched 4 respiratory USMLE-Rx videos and answered 44 UWorld questions.

2017 – I bought a dress and jewelry from Banana Republic to wear for Ronak’s graduation.

May 3

2015 – Carolyn and I studied together for our upcoming PCBM and BCN exams.

2016 – I called both Madison and Taylor to catch up.

2017 – I met with Dr. Cruff to talk about my LOR and get advice on applying for residency.

May 4

2015 – I passed my eighth PCBM exam, which certified me in Basic Disaster Life Support.

2016 – Ronak and I got lunch at Yard House after he had his wisdom teeth removed.

2017 – I answered and reviewed 30 COMQUEST practice questions after working all day.

May 5

2015 – We had 3 hours of OMM lab (instead of the usual 1.5 hours).

2016 – I had Moe’s for lunch with Parissa and Zaheera.

2017 – I watched an NSTEMI patient from the ER get a stent placed in the cath lab.

May 6

2015 – I failed my third BCN exam in a row and found out it is going to be nearly impossible for me to pass the course.

2016 – I got my hair cut at Revival Salon and finally found a stylist I like in Suwanee.

2017 – I went to brunch with Namrata at Bella’s Cafe, and then we studied at a coffee shop near Yale.

May 7

2015 – Abdul came over to my place to study for a change of scenery.

2016 – I went to Monday Night Brewing with Hunter, and then I went out in Buckhead with Krishna, Ronak, and some of their friends.

2017 – Namrata and I hiked a trail at Sleeping Giant National Park.

May 8

2015 – I got completely caught up on all of our neuroscience lectures.

2016 – I met Snehel, Ronak’s sister.

2017 – I met two guys from the Netherlands while studying at Starbucks.

May 9

2015 – I went to the Sound Table in Edgewood with some classmates to celebrate Nima’s birthday.


2016 – Ronak and I went grocery shopping and cooked dinner together.

2017 – I got very inappropriately hit on by a patient.

May 10

2015 – Shuchi and I had brunch at Highland Bakery and then spent the afternoon studying at Starbucks.

2016 – I felt sick to my stomach most of the day.

2017 – I answered and reviewed 42 COMBANK practice questions.

May 11

2015 – I went running for the first time in a couple weeks.

2016 – Ronak and I did yoga together and had dinner at Cafe Bombay.

2017 – I tried (and fell in love with) a cinnamon roll frappucino.

May 12

2015 – We learned how to diagnose and treat sacral torsion dysfunctions in OMM lab.

2016 – We learned how to treat elbow dysfunctions in OMM lab.

2017 – I stayed at the hospital after work to study and was there until 11:30 pm.

May 13

2015 – I passed my PCBM final.

2016 – I had dinner and drinks with Colleen, Josh, and Ronak at The Lawrence.

2017 – Kevin, Shuchi, and I went to Tara’s Indian classical dance recital.

May 14

2015 – We learned about the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis from Dr. Habal.

2016 – I answered and reviewed 80 neuroscience questions on COMBANK.

2017 – My Passion Planner came in the mail, but I decided not to start using it until after taking my shelf exam and moving.

May 15

2015 – Dr. Buxton gave an interactive lecture on infections of the nervous system.

2016 – I worked 11.5 hours at the library circulation desk.

2017 – I watched three TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) procedures.

May 16

2015 – Namrata, Vaishali, and I found another townhouse to consider renting next year.

2016 – I had lunch at Thai Diner with Carolyn, Sara, and Vaishali.

2017 – I worked with Dr. Harjai and saw four cardiac catheterizations, three of which involved multiple coronary artery stents being placed.

May 17

2015 – I spent 16 hours studying on campus.

2016 – I got a 93% on my written PCS final.

2017 – I reviewed echocardiograms with Dr. Quereshi.

May 18

2015 – I PASSED our fourth BCN exam!

2016 – Ronak and I picked up dinner from Taco Mac and watched an episode of The Newsroom.

2017 – I answered and reviewed 100 COMQUEST practice questions.

May 19

2015 – I decided to continue the term and do my best to pass neuroanatomy instead of taking a leave of absence.

2016 – We learned how to treat wrist and hand dysfunctions in our last OMM lab.

2017 – I took my last shelf exam as a 3rd year and went to happy hour at Terra Preta with Chioma, Kevin, Nima, and Shuchi to celebrate.

May 20

2015 – I officially completed my community service at SafeRide to pay off my speeding ticket and met with my probation officer for the last time.

2016 – I took and failed a USMLE assessment.

2017 – Carter and dad drove to Scranton to help me move out of my apartment in Scranton.

May 21

2015 – We held a taco bar at lunch to raise money for our mission trip to Nepal.

2016 – I had dinner at Krog Street with Ronak and three of his friends from college.

2017 – Carter, dad, and I drove from Pennsylvania to South Carolina.

May 22

2015 – Jeff and I accidentally wore matching outfits to school, so of course, we took a picture.


2016 – I worked my last shift at the library circulation desk.

2017 – I picked up Brooks, Ethan, and James from school a little early and took them to the park.

May 23

2015 – Some classmates and I threw a surprise Pure Romance bachelorette party for Giselle.

2016 – I got a 100% on my final OMM lab practical!

2017 – Ronak took me to my first (and probably last) Braves game as a reward for getting a lot of studying done during the day.

May 24

2015 – Carolyn and I reviewed OMM techniques by the pool at her apartment complex.

2016 – I cleaned the house in preparation for Namrata’s family.

2017 – Ronak and I went to dinner at Maggiano’s and then met up with some of his classmates for drinks.

May 25

2015 – Abdul and I had a conversation about our relationship and where we need to improve.

2016 – Ronak and I studied at Caribou Coffee all day, and I got sunburnt despite the fact that I lathered on sunscreen.

2017 – I slept over at Snehel’s house.

May 26

2015 – We had our last OMM lab of the year and learned how to treat bilateral sacral dysfunctions.

2016 – I answered 150 practice questions on COMBANK.

2017 – I went to Ronak’s graduation with Snehel and his parents.

May 27

2015 – The alumni association hosted a lunch to congratulate us on (almost) finishing our first year of medical school.

2016 – I went to Tin Lizzy’s for dinner with Ronak and Shivam.

2017 – Brianna, Jessica, O’Hara, Randi, Reghan, and I spent the day dancing, drinking, and listening to live music on Broadway in Nashville, TN.

May 28

2015 – We had our last three neuroanatomy lectures.

2016 – Amanda, Ronak, Taylor, and I had dinner at Takorea with Namrata and her family to celebrate her graduation.


2017 – The girls and I had brunch, went shopping at some local boutiques, and listened to more live music at ACME.

May 29

2015 – I did laundry and pre-made some meals to help get me through finals week.

2016 – Amanda, Ronak, Taylor, and I ate brunch at Highland Bakery in Midtown.

2017 – Ronak and I had dinner and drinks at Superica for our last date night in Atlanta.

May 30

2015 – I studied at the picnic tables outside of PCOM and got sunburnt after only an hour.

2016 – I read the MSS chapter of First Aid at Caribou Coffee in Midtown.

2017 – Ronak and I picked up James from school, helped him with his homework, and took him to Mellow Mushroom in downtown Aiken.

May 31

2015 – I did several practice tests and reviewed OMM with Carolyn, Noor, and Shuchi.

2016 – I took a full-length practice COMLEX exam with all of my classmates.

2017 – I spent the day studying at the lake and then made bean quesadillas for dinner with Ronak.






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