06 ~ June

June 1

2015 – I got an 86% on my OMM written final.

2016 – I got my bridesmaid’s dress for McEachern’s wedding altered.

2017 – Ronak and I got locked out of the lake house and had to drive back to Aiken to get a spare key.

June 2

2015 – I got an 86% on my BCN final and passed the course!

2016 – I made some delicious black bean enchiladas for dinner (half with cheese and jalepenos for me and half without for Ronak).

Version 2

2017 – I spent the morning running errands in preparation for my audition rotation and spent the afternoon at Colleen and Josh’s rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

June 3

2015 – I got a 95% on my final OMM practical.

2016 – I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Patel at North Atlanta Primary Care and was told my blood work was “pristine.”

2017 – Colleen and Josh got married!!

June 4

2015 – I got an 85% on my PCS final.

2016 – Ronak and I went to Grindhouse Killer Burgers for lunch.

2017 – I flew to New York and was greeted by a mouse in my new apartment.

June 5

2015 – Namrata and I turned in our application for a townhome we want to rent.

2016 – McAvoy, the betta fish I got with Ronak, died after only 2.5 weeks.

2017 – I offered to stay late and help triage patients, so one of the residents let me scrub in on a twin c-section.

June 6

2015 – I went to Ethan’s birthday party at Chick-fil-A and Meg’s birthday dinner at Iron Horse.

2016 – I had dinner with Trishad at Moksha for his birthday.

2017 – I met a GA-PCOM alumnus and got to work with her in the MFM clinic.

June 7

2015 – Mom, Dad, and I dropped Carter off at the Atlanta airport for his flight to Genoa, Italy.

2016 – I went through my closet and packed a large box of clothes to donate to Goodwill.

2017 – Another GA-PCOM alumnus lent me some scrubs for the month since the hospital doesn’t provide them for students.

June 8

2015 – I spent some time with Amanda and Leona before having dinner with Kacy at Salsa’s.

2016 – I took and passed my first ACS practical.

2017 – The 3rd year medical students and I were kicked off of labor & delivery for the day since the Department of Health was doing an inspection.

June 9

2015 – I made some more jean cut-offs and finished grocery shopping for Bonnaroo.

2016 – I made more enchiladas for Namrata, Ronak, and myself for dinner.

2017 – I did my first night shift at St. John’s, and it was relatively uneventful.

June 10

2015 – I met up with Ashley, Jordan, Maureen, Meghan, Mike, and Steven in Chattanooga to caravan for the rest of the drive to Bonnaroo.

2016 – I started packing boxes to put in storage until I move into my new place in Scranton, PA.

2017 – Yasmine drove to Far Rockaway to visit me, so we explored the area and had lunch at the boardwalk.

June 11

2015 – Kim and her roommate, Megan, met up with us at our campsite.

2016 – Ronak took me to dinner at bartaco in Midtown.

2017 – I went to a laundromat to do some laundry, and a random woman started talking to me about her relationship issues and the perils of interracial dating.

June 12

2015 – I saw Sylvan Esso, ODESZA, and 6 other artists in concert.

2016 – Ronak and I studied at Caribou in Midtown all day.

2017 – I got to scrub in on a D&C with Dr. Hollman, the newly appointed program director.

June 13

2015 – We found Bonnaroo Chris while watching Trampled by Turtles.


2016 – I went on a jog around my neighborhood in 90 degree weather.

2017 – I had another uneventful night shift.

June 14

2015 – I went down the “big ass slide” and got a lotus flower henna tattoo.

2016 – I made crockpot chickpea curry.

2017 – Rebecca and I talked on the phone and planned out a lot of Lexi’s bachelorette weekend.

June 15

2015 – I went to a surprise birthday party for Namrata at Brian’s lake house.

2016 – Ronak and I did yoga and watched an episode of Last Week Tonight.

2017 – I bought coffee for someone at Dunkin’ Donuts, and she actually thanked me afterwards.

June 16

2015 – Abdul, Amanda, Brian, Deven, Mahtab, Woochul, and I made brunch, played poker, and went tubing.

2016 – I learned how to do simple interrupted, simple uninterrupted, simple locking, vertical mattress, horizontal mattress, and figure 8 sutures, and I mastered the one-handed square knot.

2017 – I saw the woman I bought coffee for yesterday, and she stopped to thank me again!

June 17

2015 – I went to a Harry Potter movie night at Carolyn’s with Jeff, Shriya, and some other classmates.

2016 – I renewed my BLS certification.

2017 – Anna Lee, Bradley, Maggie, Yasmine, and I ate brunch at Dos Caminos, walked the High Line, and went to an improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

June 18

2015 – Amanda, Ashruta, Brittany, Mahtab, Shuchi, and I went out to dinner at Pure Taqueria with Namrata for her birthday.

2016 – I was a bridesmaid in McEachern and Aaron’s wedding and got to spend some quality time with a lot of my extended family.


2017 – Anna Lee, Maggie, Yasmine, and I had brunch at Rove in Forest Hills.

June 19

2015 – I started packing up my stuff to put in a storage unit while I’m in Nepal and found out that Namrata and I lost the townhome we wanted.

2016 – Amanda and I met up with my family for Father’s Day brunch on Folly Beach before I drove back to Atlanta.

2017 – I studied at Dunkin’ Donuts, took a nap, and then went to the hospital for another night shift.

June 20

2015 – Shuchi took me (as her date) to her friend’s wedding in Atlanta, where I got to meet a bunch of 3rd year PCOM students and talk about rotations.

2016 – I got my M2T3 grades and found out that my overall GPA is back to my goal of 80%.

2017 – While working my second night shift in a row, I scrubbed in on an urgent c-section for a preeclamptic patient with a history of DVTs, helped a woman vaginally deliver her first baby, manipulated the uterus during a laparoscopic salpingectomy, and evaluated a woman who had been sexually assaulted.

June 21

2015 – I drove to Aiken to see my dad for a couple hours on Father’s Day.

2016 – I learned how to place femoral, internal jugular, and subclavian central lines.

2017 – I slept for 11 hours after being awake for over 24.

June 22

2015 – Namrata and I signed a 12-month lease for a 2 bedroom townhouse just 1.2 miles from campus that we like even more than the first one we found.

2016 – I aced my third ACS practical exam.

2017 – I asked Dr. Kovalick and Dr. Sayegh to write me letters of recommendation.

June 23

2015 – I went to dinner with Carolyn, Vaishali, and Zaheera at Yeah! Burger in Atlanta.

2016 – I learned how to intubate a patient.

2017 – Both Dr. Kovalick and Dr. Sayegh responded enthusiastically to my LOR requests.

June 24

2015 – I had my first Brazilian wax.

2016 – I met with Dr. Fleming to discuss some ideas for my fellowship research.

2017 – I did 50 COMQUEST practice questions and started working on my ERAS application.

June 25

2015 – Carolyn, Zaheera, and I explored the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA and had dinner at the Gumbo Shop.

2016 – Ronak and I went to dinner at Superica and watched Lagaan.

2017 – I did some laundry, answered and reviewed 70 COMQUEST questions, and ordered some pasta and garlic knots from South Shore Pizza for dinner.

June 26

2015 – I walked around the swamp at a rest stop just across the Texas border.


2016 – Namrata found out that she got a job in Connecticut and moved out of our townhouse.

2017 – The top bunk of my bed fell on me while I was studying.

June 27

2015 – Carolyn, Zaheera, and I attended Merin and Thomson’s wedding, reception, and after party in Houston, TX.


2016 – I bought some basic cooking utensils and got extremely frustrated when my brand new can opener broke after opening only two cans.

2017 – I attended an M&M presentation in the morning and helped perform an endometrial biopsy in the afternoon.

June 28

2015 – I spent 12 hours driving from Houston back to Atlanta.

2016 – We had our first day of ACLS training.

2017 – I got to scrub in for another cesarean section.

June 29

2015 – Abdul, Carolyn, and Jeff came over to help me pack boxes at my townhouse.

2016 – I aced my final ACS practical exam.

2017 – I helped Dr. Colter perform an endometrial biopsy.

June 30

2015 – Abdul, Brian, and Woochul helped me move everything into a storage unit.

2016 – Ronak and I got take-out and watched the season finale of Game of Thrones to celebrate him taking COMLEX Level 2.

2017 – I helped to deliver a baby, said goodbye to the residents and attendings at St. John’s, picked up Carter from JFK, and went to dinner at Bareburger in Queens.












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