07 ~ July

July 1

2015 – Abdul dropped me off at the Atlanta airport, and I flew to Los Angeles with Angie, Carolyn, Cheryl, Henry, Jeff, and Neal.

2016 – Carter, Ronak, and my dad helped me move out of my townhouse, and Ronak met my dad for the first time.

2017 – Carter, Yasmine, and I walked the High Line, had brunch at Dos Caminos, went to an improv show, ate dinner at Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen, and got drinks at the Gallow Green Rooftop Bar.

July 2

2015 – We flew from LA to Guangzhou, China with 7 carry ons and 14 checked suitcases.


2016 – I moved the last bit of my stuff to Ronak’s place since I’m staying there for the month.

2017 – I flew back to South Carolina and had lunch with James and Meg at The Gourmet Shop.

July 3

2015 – We had dinner at a local, authentic Chinese restaurant and went swimming at the hotel pool.


2016 – I went tubing and wakeboarding at Clarks Hill Lake with my family.

2017 – I found out I got 6 days off in a row and decided to drive to Blacksburg, VA and surprise Ronak after his first day of residency.

July 4

2015 – Due to bad weather, our flight couldn’t land in Kathmandu, and we had to stay in Bangladesh for a night.

2016 -I flew to Harrisburg and rode roller coasters at Hershey Park with Lexi.

2017 – Ronak and I explored downtown Blacksburg and had dinner at Cabo Fish Taco.

July 5

2015 – We finally made it to Nepal, checked into our hotel in Thamel, and met with Dr. Pandey to discuss the weeks ahead.

2016 – I drove to Danville, PA for my first day of orientation and found out that my cousin, Grace, passed away from cholangiocarcinoma.

2017 – Carter made a vlog about his trip to NYC and inspired me to try a new form of blogging for my next adventure.

July 6

2015 – We went to the clinic in Jhor for the first time and saw roughly 50 patients (including this adorable little boy and his grandmother).


2016 – Chioma, Kevin, Nima, Shuchi, and I began Epic EHR training and had dinner with our fellow clinical campus students at Marzoni’s.

2017 – I studied at Starbucks all day and then made huevos rancheros for dinner.

July 7

2015 – Cheryl and I went to a local school and taught English and preventive health practices to some of the boys and girls.


2016 – We completed Epic EHR training, and I drove back to Harrisburg to stay the night with Lexi and her family.

2017 – Ronak and I went back to Cabo Fish Taco for dinner, but this time we met up with some of his new coworkers.

July 8

2015 – A few of us went running in the market with Raj before going to the clinic for the day.

2016 – I studied, took Lexi’s dog for a walk, and grabbed lunch with Lexi and Michelle before heading to the airport to fly back to Atlanta.

2017 – I stopped to visit my family in Columbia, SC on my way back home.

July 9

2015 – I saw a couple patients with COPD, and we had a budget meeting with Dr. Pandey.

2016 – I failed my second UWorld assessment and decided to postpone my COMLEX test date.

2017 – I wrote the first draft of my personal statement and sent it to Snehel for editing.

July 10

2015 – I got to shadow Dr. Gauri (a Nepali OB/GYN) and see patients with vaginitis, cystoceles, rectoceles, and UTIs.

2016 – I officially rescheduled my COMLEX to August 10 in Harrisburg, PA.

2017 – I started my emergency medicine rotation at University Hospital and got to drain a gluteal abscess.

July 11

2015 – We hiked to a waterfall in the mountains of Jhor and explored the shrines in the cave underneath.

2016 – I finished the endocrine chapter of First Aid and answered 50 COMBANK questions.

2017 – I found a bug in a patient’s ear and removed it.

July 12

2015 – We had dinner and drinks at Raj’s house for Carolyn’s 25th birthday.

2016 – I started the GI chapter of First Aid.

2017 – I attempted to intubate a patient who had intentionally overdosed on buspirone, and I accidentally placed the tube in her esophagus.

July 13

2015 – I went to the doctor with Carolyn, visited a Hindu temple in Lalitpur with Raj, and explored Swayambhunath (the “monkey temple”) with Nikhil and the rest of the group once they got back from the clinic.


2016 – I kept crying for little to no reason throughout the day.

2017 – I spent the day studying and playing Tetris with James.

July 14

2015 – We met with Dr. Pandey and the hotel manager to discuss moving to a new hotel.

2016 – I talked to Shuchi on the phone about her COMLEX experience.

2017 – I performed a thoracentesis on a patient and drained 3.75L of fluid.

July 15

2015 – Henry and I felt sick, so we stayed home from the clinic and worked on the group’s seminar presentation.

2016 – Ronak and I went to an improv show at Dad’s Garage and accidentally scared my mom when we let one of the comedians call her from my phone.

2017 – I drained a patient’s Bartholin’s cyst.

July 16

2015 – I shadowed Dr. Murarka (a Nepali internist) at the clinic, and we went to a traditional Nepali restaurant with Raj for dinner.


2016 – I studied heme/onc at Ronak’s place all day while he went to Six Flags with his friends.

2017 – I performed a cerumen disimpaction.

July 17

2015 – I went shopping with Carolyn and Jeff in Thamel and bought some gifts for my family.

2016 – I got a LUSH care package from Amanda in the mail.

2017 – I did 30 COMQUEST questions, went for a 0.75 mile jog, and watched Friends.

July 18

2015 – Angie and I gave a presentation about our experience to roughly 100 people at the closing seminar.

2016 – Ronak and I said that we loved each other.

2017 – I performed a castile soap enema on a patient who reminded me of Papa (my maternal grandfather).

July 19

2015 – I got a floral mandala tattoo on my back.


2016 – Ronak and I studied at Caribou all day.

2017 – I ate lunch at Chipotle and met a girl from New York City who was shocked to find out I lived in Far Rockaway for a month.

July 20

2015 – We visited the village of Nagarkot with Milan and Nikhil.

2016 – I caught up with several childhood friends on the phone while driving to the lake.

2017 – I helped bring a patient back to life by doing compressions during CPR.

July 21

2015 – Milan, Nikhil, and Raj saw us off to the airport in Kathmandu.

2016 – I answered 50 immunology questions on the USMLE side of COMBANK.

2017 – I placed an internal jugular vein central line and possibly punctured the patient’s lung.

July 22

2015 – Due to various delays, we spent all day running around different airports and rescheduling our flights.

2016 – I went to dinner with my parents at The Bee’s Knees in Augusta, GA.

2017 – I helped a patient who came into the ER for vaginal bleeding and ended up having a miscarriage.

July 23

2015 – Carolyn’s dad picked us up from the Atlanta airport and took us to Chick-fil-A for lunch.

2016 – I took Snehel to Vaidehi and Samir’s engagement party and introduced her to all of my friends from school.

2017 – I saw one patient with a saddle pulmonary embolism and another with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his leg.

July 24

2015 – I went to the doctor and got put on medication for gastroenteritis.

2016 – I had brunch at The Flying Biscuit with Carolyn and Vaishali.

2017 – My parents taught me how to play Rummikub during a study break.

July 25

2015 – With help from more friends than I can even list, Namrata and I moved into our new townhouse.

2016 – Ronak and I went to Ponce City Market for our last date night before my big move.


2017 – I drove to Atlanta and spent the night with Mansi and RJ.

July 26

2015 – Carter and my parents came to Atlanta to take me out to lunch and help me get settled.

2016 – Ronak and I visited Snehel at her new place near Grant Park.

2017 – I took the COMLEX Level 2 and then had dinner with Claire and her new puppy, Remy.

July 27

2015 – Abdul, Brian, Mahtab, and I helped Nima move to his new apartment.

2016 – I had lunch with Ronak at Masti one last time before leaving Atlanta and driving to Aiken.

2017 – One of the ER doctors gave me a coffee mug and some cookies since it was our last day working together.

July 28

2015 – I made pasta for me, Namrata, and Vash for dinner.

2016 – I read First Aid and answered COMBANK questions all day.

2017 – I worked my last shift in the ER and drove 5 hours towards Annapolis, MD before stopping in Roanoke Rapids, NC for the night.

July 29

2015 – I helped Abdul move the last bit of stuff out of his 5375 Sugarloaf apartment and spent the night at his new place for the first time.

2016 – Ronak went to dinner with me, Carter, Meg, and my mom at Travinia’s and then came back to the house to play Liverpool Rummy with us.

2017 – Daena, Issy, Lexi, Rebecca, and I had lunch, did an escape room, and went to see Girls Trip.

July 30

2015 – Carter and I went to see Inside Out.

2016 – I had dinner with Amanda and Colleen at Gringo’s in downtown Greenville.

2017 – The girls and I had brunch before I got on the road for Blacksburg, VA.

July 31

2015 – Brianna, O’Hara, Randi, and Reghan came to Atlanta, and we went dancing at Sutra.

2016 – I drove from Greenville, SC to Wilkes-Barre, PA (11 hours total) and moved into my temporary housing for the month of August.

2017 – I started my family medicine audition at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery.











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