11 ~ November

November 1

2014 – I was finally able to catch up with Lexi after a month of phone tag.

2015 – I pulled an all-nighter with Sumeer studying for our upcoming OMM exams.

2016 – I removed an IUD and watched Dr. Cruff perform a colposcopy and endometrial biopsy.

2017 – Sumeer and I got bubble tea and walked around the parking lot for 2 hours while catching up.

November 2

2014 – Carolyn and I had dinner at Vaishali’s with her and her parents.

2015 – I got an A on my OMM written exam!

2016 – I got to witness 2 vaginal deliveries during my L&D shift.

2017 – I answered and reviewed 200 COMQUEST questions.

November 3

2014 – I spontaneously decided to dye my hair light brown.

2015 – I practiced for my OMM practical with Jeff and Sumeer.

2016 – I got to second assist on 3 surgeries with Dr. Wetzel, including a cesarean section during which I got to deliver the placenta.

2017 – Mahtab gave me a gift consisting of a bath bomb and some trinkets she’s collected for me on her international travels.

November 4

2014 – We dissected the anterior compartments of the thigh and leg in anatomy lab.

2015 – Amanda, Vash, Woochul, and I went to dinner at IHOP after helping with mock interviews.

2016 – I bonded with one my patients and her family, and I spent most of my L&D shift guiding them through her labor.

2017 – I reviewed COMQUEST questions all day and played Stardew Valley during my study breaks.

November 5

2014 – My car got towed from a guest parking spot in my own neighborhood.

2015 – I had some really good Mexican food at Taco Depot with Arnold and Sumeer.

2016 – Ronak and I went to a tasting and tour at the Red Brick Craft Distillery and saw Tony Woods at Punch Line Philly.

2017 – I reviewed OMM all day and did yoga before going to bed.

November 6

2014 – I went grocery shopping for the first time in three weeks.

2015 – I got treated by Shannon, one of the current OMM fellows.

2016 – Ronak and I had brunch at Honey’s Sit N Eat in Northern Liberties and walked around downtown Philadelphia.


2017 – I took the COMLEX Level 2 CE in Smyrna, GA and then had dinner with Claire at Six Feet Under.

November 7

2014 – I spent the day studying at Panera.

2015 – I was on campus studying for over 14 hours.

2016 – I got to manipulate the uterus during a laparoscopic hysterectomy.

2017 – Lexi called to tell me she’s pregnant!

November 8

2014 – I overslept and missed my mock lab exam.

2015 – I went to Panera with Sumeer to eat dinner and review our pathology lectures.

2016 – I went to a lecture on End of Life Care in Danville with all of the Geisinger medical students.

2017 – I interviewed at Georgia South in Moultrie, GA and then drove to Warner Robins to have dinner with the Houston Healthcare residents at Curry Mantra.

November 9

2014 – I spent all day studying at Panera Bread again.

2015 – I passed my first MSS exam, went to Tofu House for dinner with Trishad and Sumeer, and saw The Martian with Trishad and Jeff.

2016 – I delivered a baby while working a night shift with Dr. Wetzel.

2017 – I interviewed at Houston Healthcare in Warner Robins, GA and then drove to Atlanta to have drinks with Snehel at Dakota Blue.

November 10

2014 – I took my SPOM final and then got my nose re-pierced.


2015 – I went to Your Pie with Sumeer for dinner.

2016 – I took a nap, answered 60 COMBANK questions, and watched 5 SketchyMicro videos.

2017 – Alison, Carolyn, Dario, Vaishali, and I had dinner at La Parrilla.

November 11

2014 – I took my second OMM written exam.

2015 – I ordered my dress for Aaron and McEachern’s wedding.

2016 – I worked a shift with Dr. Cruff in the clinic and got to perform 2 pelvic exams (including pap smears).

2017 – I spent most of the day playing Stardew Valley (it’s surprisingly addictive).

November 12

2014 – I aced my second OMM lab practical.

2015 – I got Cliff’s oil changed, air filter replaced, and tires rotated in preparation for my upcoming road trip to PA, NY, MA, and VT.

2016 – I answered 75 COMBANK questions and watched 6 SketchyMicro videos.

2017 – Claire, Colleen, Matt, Wales, and I had brunch at Petit Chou in Atlanta.

November 13

2014 – I took my second PCS written exam, which was the last exam of my first term of medical school!

2015 – I took my second CRIBS exam and drove 12 hours to Pennsylvania.

2016 – I went to the grocery store and made pasta and salad meals for the week.

2017 – I worked my last shift with Dr. Walker and then drove 6 hours to North Carolina for my 4th residency interview.

November 14

2014 – Colleen came to town for a visit, and we went to a wine night at Wales’ apartment in Midtown.

2015 – Anna Lee showed me around Doylestown, PA before riding with me to Queens, NY to meet up with Yasmine.

2016 – I went to an urgent care to be treated for an allergic reaction I was having to a new mascara.

2017 – I interviewed at Southeastern Health in Lumberton, NC and then drove to Virgninia.

November 15

2014 – Claire, Colleen, Matt, Wales, and I went grocery shopping at the international farmer’s market in Dekalb.

2015 – Yasmine and I went to the 9/11 Memorial, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Washington Square Park.

2016 – I helped two women vaginally deliver their babies and got to first assist on a cesarean section while working a night shift with Dr. Cruff.

2017 – I had dinner with some Johnston Memorial Hospital residents at The Peppermill in Abingdon, VA.

November 16

2014 – I spent the afternoon reading a book about Buddhism and looking over material for next term’s courses.

2015 – I visited Brooklyn before meeting up with Yasmine to walk around Manhattan and look at the skyline from Long Island City.

2016 – After discussing the pros/cons with Dr. Berkowitz, my family, and Ronak, I decided to withdraw from the OMM Teaching Scholarship program.

2017 – I interviewed with Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon and then drove back to Blacksburg for dinner with some residents from LewisGale Hospital Montgomery.

November 17

2014 – I went clothes shopping with Carolyn and Vaishali.

2015 – I explored more of Manhattan before taking a Megabus to Boston to visit Amanda.

2016 – Dr. Cruff told me I would make an amazing OB/GYN and offered to write me a letter of recommendation.

2017 – I interviewed at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery in Blacksburg, VA.

November 18

2014 – I drove to Aiken, SC and had dinner with my mom, Meg, and James at Maria’s.

2015 – Shuchi and I walked around Cambridge, and I met up with Amanda for trivia night at Rocco’s Cucina in the North End.

2016 – I took my parents to Maiolatesi Wine Cellars for pizza night.

2017 – Ronak and I watched The Truman Show.

November 19

2014 – I spent hours catching up with Kacy and drinking wine at her new apartment.

2015 – Amanda and I explored downtown Boston, I bought some clothes from Primark, and we went to an improv show in the North End.

2016 – Dad helped me hang lights across our living room ceiling and mount a coffee cup rack on the kitchen wall.


2017 – I drove to Harrisburg, PA and had dinner with the DiSanto’s at Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar.

November 20

2014 – I ate dinner with Amanda at Salsa’s and got to see her 27-week baby bump.

2015 – I rode the Megabus back to Manhattan, met up with my dad for lunch in the city, drove to Cape May, NJ, and rode a ferry to Lewes, DE.

2016 – My parents and I went to the Steamtown National Historic Site and road a train to Nay Aug Gorge.

2017 – I was late to morning report on my first day auditioning at UPMC Pinnacle’s Osteopathic Hospital.

November 21

2014 – I drove to Charleston, SC and spent the afternoon shopping on King Street with Amanda and Taylor.

2015 – Dad and I explored Annapolis, MD and drove to Charlotte, NC to meet up with my mom for dinner at BrickTop’s.

2016 – I started my inpatient psychiatry rotation at GCMC.

2017 – My attending wore a rastacap with dreadlocks for an encounter with a patient who wanted a prescription for medical marijuana.

November 22

2014 – My parents, Amanda, Taylor, and I went on a boat ride from my grandmother’s dock on the Stono River to the Cooper River Bridge and back.

2015 – I drove back to Suwanee and had dinner with Trishad at Greek Island Grill.

2016 – I went to a networking event in Danville and met the director of the Geisinger OB/GYN residency.

2017 – I went to trivia night with the DiSanto’s at the clubhouse.

November 23

2014 – I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and had lunch with Amanda, Taylor, and Topher at Fire Street Food on King Street.

2015 – I went to Rustic Couch to hang out with some classmates after a full day of lectures and meetings.

2016 – I worked a shift at the hospital before driving to Harrisburg to have dinner with Lexi and her family.

2017 – I had Thanksgiving dinner with the DiSanto’s for a second year in a row.

November 24

2014 – I started my second term of medical school and spent all day in lecture.

2015 – I was awarded one of the two OMM teaching fellowship positions!

2016 – Ronak and I had Thanksgiving dinner with the DiSanto’s.

2017 – I drove to Blacksburg to surprise Ronak with both a visit from me and some delicious pecan pie.

November 25

2014 – I practiced some OMM techniques with Samir, a friend in the biomedical sciences program.

2015 – I took my first 30 question COMBANK practice exam.

2016 – Ronak and I played ping pong with Mr. and Dr. DiSanto before driving back to Scranton to have dinner and see Arrival.

2017 – I went shopping and bought Christmas gifts for Meg, Nala, and Ronak.

November 26

2014 – I spent hours catching up with Sarah Nell and Yasmine at IHOP.

2015 – I came home, went to the park with Carter and James, had Thanksgiving dinner with the immediate family, and saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 2) with Carter.


2016 – Ronak and I had brunch at JJ McNally’s, studied at Adezzo, ate dinner at Osaka, and watched The Boondock Saints back at my apartment.

2017 – I spent 8 hours driving back to Harrisburg, PA when it should only have taken 5.

November 27

2014 – I went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1) with mom, dad, and Carter after eating Thanksgiving dinner at grandmama’s.

2015 – I went to dinner with Bryan at Sawasdee, and our waitress kept making awkward comments assuming I was his girlfriend.

2016 – Ronak and I practiced patient encounter scenarios in preparation for his COMLEX PE exam.

2017 – I practiced doing colonoscopies in the simulation lab.

November 28

2014 – I hung out with Sarah Nell for a few hours in Aiken before heading back home to Suwanee.

2015 – I worked a shift at the library circulation desk.

2016 – I conducted my first psychiatric H&P.

2017 – The family medicine residents and I went bowling for journal club.

November 29

2014 – I had a great first date (dinner, drinks, and an improv show) with Gokul, a guy I met on Tinder.

2015 – I spent 8 hours in the library studying.

2016 – I watched one of my patients receive ECT.

2017 – I went to trivia at Arooga’s with some of the residents, and we won a $25 gift card.

November 30

2014 – I met up with Vaishali to study at Panera for a few hours and then went on a second date with Gokul.

2015 – I went to an arthroscopy and fracture reduction workshop at the Atlanta Medical Center.

2016 – I checked Ronak’s COMLEX Level 2 CE score for him and found out that he passed!

2017 – I found out that I passed the COMLEX Level 2 PE.








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