12 ~ December

December 1

2014 – During a study break, I played ping pong and pool with Samir, one of my friends in the biomedical sciences program.

2015 – My PCS group wasn’t able to save our COPD patient in the simulations lab, and it hit me that one day I’ll be responsible for saving a real person’s life.

2016 – I was able to comfort two patients who were receiving ECT treatments.

2017 – I updated my residency pro/con spreadsheet and drove to Lebanon, PA for my 7th residency interview.

December 2

2014 – It was sunny and 67° when I left for school today, so I walked to campus from my townhouse.

2015 – I went to 7 hours of lecture and spent the afternoon in the library studying.

2016 – I got off work early and spent the afternoon studying at Adezzo.

2017 – I interviewed at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon, PA.

December 3

2014 – I overslept and missed the morning lecture on gram negative bacteria.

2015 – Word got around that I was chosen for the OMM fellowship, so I was congratulated by several people throughout the day.

2016 – I had a panic attack after making poor scores on multiple practice tests.

2017 – Anna Lee and I got mani/pedis and went shopping for Christmas gifts in downtown Doylestown.

December 4

2014 – We learned how to do rectal and vaginal exams on models in Primary Care Skills.

2015 – I went to Christine’s yoga class on campus and learned how to do a head stand!

2016 – I went for a run around downtown Scranton before starting to study.

2017 – I interviewed at Suburban Community Hospital in East Norriton, PA.

December 5

2014 – I spent the afternoon tegritying lectures that I missed in the morning because I overslept.

2015 – I ordered Christmas presents for Carolyn, Namrata, and a couple other people.

2016 – I met a 3rd year internal medicine resident named Jon at Adezzo.

2017 – Ben, Kristin, Tim, and I took Anna Lee out for an early birthday dinner.

December 6

2014 – I studied in the library all day in preparation for the first exam of my second term.

2015 – I spent 18 hours on campus studying.

2016 – I comforted an anxious college student who attempted suicide after her anxiety and depression became too much for her to handle, and I realized that I should not be ashamed of taking a medication for my own anxiety if it will make me a happier, healthier person.

2017 – I interviewed at Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, PA.

December 7

2014 – My car got towed from my own neighborhood again.

2015 – I got a B on my first Basic Clinical Endocrinology (BCE) exam.

2016 – I started taking 10mg of Lexapro daily.

2017 – I found out that I passed the COMLEX Level 2 CE!

December 8

2014 – I took my first Cellular and Molecular Basis of Medicine (CMBM) exam, which covered biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, and molecular biology.

2015 – We attempted to save a trauma “patient” in the simulations lab for PCS and failed.

2016 – I experienced a feeling I can only describe as restless leg for over 6 hours, and I left work early after feeling so nauseous that I vomited.

2017 – I worked a 10-hour day shift in clinic and then a 15-hour night shift at the hospital.

December 9

2014 – I got a hoop and a new stud for my nose piercing.

2015 – I slept in until 11:00 am.

2016 – Anna Lee came to town to visit me, and we had dinner at Olive Garden.

2017 – I helped Elizabeth (Lexi’s niece) and Dr. DiSanto make holiday rice krispie treats.

December 10

2014 – I spent all evening studying at Starbucks.

2015 – I worked an evening shift at the library and then stayed up until 4:30 am studying.

2016 – I spent the day studying at Adezzo and then went to Backyard Alehouse with Anna Lee, Jon, Kevin, and Nima.

2017 – The DiSanto’s and I went to Breakfast with Santa at the clubhouse.

December 11

2014 – Carolyn and I had a 10-minute texting conversation using only puns and emojis.

2015 – I got a B on my MSS final and went to friendsgiving dinner at Shuchi and Zaheera’s, where we did a secret Santa gift exchange.

2016 – Anna Lee and I made omelets for breakfast and then spent the rest of the day studying at my apartment.

2017 – I was diagnosed with pinworms.

December 12

2014 – Samir came over to watch Portlandia after we spent all afternoon studying in the library.

2015 – I went to PCOM’s semi-formal at Orpheus Brewery with Blake, Parissa, and Russell.


2016 – I tried a new tea (Twinnings Ceylon Orange Pekoe) and really liked it.

2017 –

December 13

2014 – I had mimosas with Wales and Matt in Buckhead before grabbing coffee with Claire in the Highlands.

2015 – Blake, Parissa, Russell, and I ate breakfast together at Waffle House.

2016 – Dr. Asante taught me an easy way to remember both the generic and brand names of the different SSRIs and SNRIs.

2017 –

December 14

2014 – Carolyn and I discovered a new bakery/coffee shop where we can study when we get tired of being on campus.

2015 – GA-PCOM received an award for being a diverse campus, and Namrata gave a speech at the celebratory luncheon.

2016 – I studied psychiatry for 6 hours after working an 8-hour day.

2017 –

December 15

2014 – Carolyn and I went to Build A Bear to make a Toothless stuffed animal for Dr. Maris.

2015 – I listened to a lot of Dave Matthews Band while studying all day.

2016 – I tried a lavender-scented Pearl Bath Bomb and got a really pretty ring.

2017 –

December 16

2014 – I spent an hour and a half catching up with Aarthi in the library after a long night of studying.

2015 – I discovered Oh Wonder, an indie pop duo from London.

2016 – I took my psychiatry COMAT and then spent the afternoon packing and cleaning my apartment.

2017 –

December 17

2014 – I played ping pong with Namrata and Samir during a much-needed study break.

2015 – My classmates and I submitted our rank lists for 3rd year rotations, and I ranked Columbus, GA first.

2016 – I walked to the bus station, took a bus from Scranton to Philadelphia, took an Uber from the train station to the airport, flew to Detroit, MI to meet up with Ronak, and then rode with him to Louisville, KY.

2017 –

December 18

2014 – I aced my second Primary Care Skills practical exam.

2015 – I worked at the library with Young and had Chipotle for dinner with Shuchi.

2016 – Ronak and I finished the drive to Atlanta, picked up take-out Indian food, and started watching Westworld.

2017 –

December 19

2014 – I ordered homemade Punjabi khadi and ocra from a second year DO student’s mom for dinner.

2015 – I overslept and then spent a few hours comforting Namrata before going to school to study.

2016 – Ronak tried shrimp and grits for the first time when we went to brunch at the West Egg Cafe in Midtown.


2017 –

December 20

2014 – I went to Chipotle with Smitha for dinner and finally got to catch up with her.

2015 – I spent all day on campus studying for my upcoming exam.

2016 – I took mom to her colonoscopy, and then she treated us both to pedicures.

2017 –

December 21

2014 – I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Namrata talking about our relationship issues.

2015 – I got a B on my endocrinology final and found out that I’ll be moving to Albany, GA for rotations in July!

2016 – I drove to Augusta and meet up with Zaheera to study.

2017 –

December 22

2014 – I got a B on my second CMBM exam.

2015 – I worked a shift at the library and went to Trevor’s to hang out with some classmates before we all went home for break.

2016 – Katy, Meg, mom, and I helped Brooks, Ethan, and James make Christmas cookies for themselves and Santa.


2017 –

December 23

2014 – I went out in Edgewood with Namrata, Zaheera, Ashruta, and some first year biomeds.

2015 – I got banh mi with Sumeer for dinner before exchanging gifts with Carolyn and Vaishali.

2016 – Anna Lee, Claire, Erin, Sarah Nell, Yasmine, and I had dinner and drinks in downtown Aiken, SC.

2017 –

December 24

2014 – My aunts and uncles on my mom’s side of the family came over for Christmas Eve dinner.

2015 – I went to Christmas Eve Mass in the new church with Carter, dad, mom, Pamela, and Rickie.

2016 – Ronak joined my family for Christmas Eve dinner, and then we helped Carter and dad finish building monkey bars for Brooks and Ethan.


2017 –

December 25

2014 – We went to brunch at Pamela’s before opening presents with my immediate family back at our house.


2015 – We opened presents at the house on Whiskey Road, went to brunch at Pamela’s, and then drove to Charleston.

2016 – We went to brunch at Pamela’s, opened presents at our house, and then drove to Charleston.

2017 –

December 26

2014 – I got a pedicure with my mom in Charleston before driving back to Aiken for Blaire’s rehearsal dinner.

2015 – Carter, dad, mom, and I went to an oyster roast at the Singletary’s.

2016 – I went to a wine and paint night with Jennifer, LeAnn, and McEachern.


2017 –

December 27

2014 – I went downtown with some childhood friends after attending Blaire’s wedding.

2015 – I caught up and exchanged gifts with Anna Lee, Claire, Colleen, Sarah Nell, and Yasmine.

2016 – I played “I Went On A Trip…”with Carter, James, mom, and dad the entire drive home from Charleston.

2017 –

December 28

2014 – I watched “Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story” with my dad and Carter.

2015 – I drove to Charlotte, NC to visit  Amanda, Madison, and Taylor.

2016 – I went on a helicopter ride, was dared to propose to Ronak by James in a game of Truth or Dare (he said yes!), and played Liverpool Rummy with my parents and Carter.


2017 –

December 29

2014 – Carter spent the night with me at my townhouse in Lawrenceville.

2015 – Amanda, Madison, Taylor, and I went shopping at Southpark Mall and ate pasta with Madison’s family.

2016 – I went to dinner with Katy and Ronak at Taj of India in Augusta, GA.

2017 –

December 30

2014 – Lexi and I went to Piedmont Park and a bar in midtown, where we met Brandon and Grant.

2015 – Amanda, Madison, and I ate pasta at Portofino’s in Charlotte before I headed back to Suwanee for work.

2016 – Ronak and I went to dinner in Decatur with Gopi, Krishna, Sumeer, and Trishad.


2017 –

December 31

2014 – Lexi and I had Brandon and Grant over for dinner before going to Buckhead to meet up with my friends from school to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

2015 – Amanda, Kelly, Malvika, Parissa, Shriya, Taylor, and I rang in the new year at Fado Irish Pub in Buckhead.


2016 – Ronak and I had dinner in Midtown with Amanda, Brian, CT, and Vash.


2017 –











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