08 ~ August

August 1

2014 – I got dinner with Lia, Brian, and some PSP alumni who were in Atlanta for National Convention.

2015 – Brianna, O’Hara, Randi, Reghan, and I met up with Marco and his brother for dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

2016 – I accidentally took a turnpike (the fancy word northerners use for a toll road) to PrimeMed for the first day of my FM/OMM rotation.

2017 – I made mock Chipotle bowls for lunch for the rest of the week.

August 2

2014 – Catherine and I moved into our townhouse in Lawrenceville.

2015 – The girls and I had brunch at 10th & Piedmont before they got on the road to head home.

2016 – I woke up at 6:30, answered several COMBANK questions, worked a shift in the clinic, watched 11 SketchyMicro videos back at the apartment, went grocery shopping at Weis, and FaceTimed Ronak before going to bed at 11:30.

2017 – I signed Ronak up for 23andMe.

August 3

2014 – My parents and brother came to help move in the rest of my furniture.

2015 – I went shopping with Carolyn and Vaishali at Lenox Square.

2016 – I saw 6 patients by myself before presenting their cases to Dr. Kondash.

2017 – I got to perform OMM on a 9-year-old girl in clinic.

August 4

2014 – I met my second roommate, Merin.

2015 – I talked to Amanda and Shuchi on the phone for an hour each.

2016 – Dr. Kondash let me inject lidocaine into a patient’s knee prior to him giving a depo-medrol shot.

2017 – A resident asked me to do a pap smear and pelvic exam on one of his patients, and the patient and nurse both said that I did a great job.

August 5

2014 – Catherine, Merin, and I got our ears pierced.

2015 – I biked 14 miles at the hotel gym in Sarasota, FL.

2016 – I helped Dr. Kondash stitch up a 2 cm laceration on a patient’s hand.

2017 – Rama, Ronak, and I went to Steppin’ Out, and we made our own candles.

August 6

2014 – I started packing up my desk at work.

2015 – Carolyn, Vaishali, and I ate at a vegan restaurant for dinner.

2016 – I struggled to find a coffee shop or cafe in the Wilkes-Barre area with reliable internet, so I ended up spending most of the day studying in the apartment.

2017 – I took a 2 mile jog/walk on the Huckleberry Trail near Ronak’s apartment complex.

August 7

2014 – Tom treated us to lunch at Cabo’s as a farewell.

2015 – Carolyn, Vaishali, and I bought some professional clothing for school.

2016 – I spent the whole day studying for boards in our apartment.

2017 – I got to help another resident perform a pap smear.

August 8

2014 – I almost cried as I said goodbye to my coworkers.

2015 – I had dinner at Kani House with Brian, CT, and Vash.

2016 – I worked in the clinic with Dr. Kondash for 10 hours.

2017 – I was invited to and attended a baby shower for Dr. Call, one of the family medicine attendings.

August 9

2014 – I got a pedicure and hair cut with Catherine.

2015 – McEachern asked me to be a bridesmaid in her and Aaron’s wedding!

2016 – I drove to Harrisburg and had dinner with Lexi and her family.

2017 – I evaluated a 20-year-old college basketball player who had Grave’s Disease and was recently hospitalized for thyrotoxicosis.

August 10

2014 – I went to a pool party to meet some of my future classmates.

2015 – I spent some time with Grandmama at her house, had lunch with LeAnn and Palmer in North Charleston, and visited Angela, Avery, Cameron, Cooper, and David in Irmo.

2016 – I took the COMLEX Level 1 exam.

2017 – I got bored and reorganized all of Ronak’s closets.

August 11

2014 – I got certified in Basic Life Support.

2015 – I helped my mom host a luncheon for her new teachers.

2016 – I went to lunch with Lexi in Harrisburg before picking up Ronak from the Philadelphia airport and driving back to Wilkes-Barre.

2017 – I helped Dr. Rogers treat Virginia Tech athletes at their athletic training center.

August 12

2014 – My roommates and I watched way too many episodes of Friends.

2015 – I visited Amanda, Brooks, Ethan, James, Katy, Kevin, and Meg while in Aiken.

2016 – Ronak and I drove to Philadelphia, saw a comedian at Punch Line Philly, and visited the Rocky Steps.


2017 – Ronak and I adopted a brown tabby kitten and named her Nala.

August 13

2014 – I went on a date to a new brewery in Marietta with Lucas, a guy I met on Tinder.

2015 – I went to a party that Abdul and his roommates were throwing for the new students.

2016 – Ronak and I explored Spruce Street Harbour, Morgan’s Pier, and Center City.

2017 – Ronak and I ran some errands, got ice cream, and cooked several meals to eat throughout the week.

August 14

2014 – We were introduced to all of the professors we’ll have throughout the first year of DO school.

2015 – Namrata, Shuchi, Vash, and I went to Taziki’s for lunch.

2016 – Ronak and I had brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe, walked around Reading Terminal Market, and got a $300 ticket for parking in a handicap spot.


2017 – I helped evaluate a cute old married couple for dementia.

August 15

2014 – I went to the Sweetwater Brewery with my roommates and some future classmates.


2015 – Aarthi, Shuchi, and I went to a tasting at Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta.

2016 – I helped Dr. Sayegh treat 10 patients with OMT, and I got to do a joint injection completely by myself.

2017 – I made enchiladas for dinner.

August 16

2014 – Carolyn and I bought scrubs to wear in gross anatomy lab.

2015 – Abdul, Amanda, CT, Mahtab, and I went to watch Brian play in his hockey league’s championship game.

2016 – I gave a patient the pneumonia vaccine.

2017 – I found out that I failed Level 2 of the COMLEX, so I spent the evening drinking grapefruit shandy and watching Grey’s Anatomy with Nala.

August 17

2014 – I looked over the lectures for my first day of medical school.

2015 – I went to yoga with Brittany, CT, Mahtab, and Namrata to relax after my last “first day” of school.

2016 – I helped Dr. Sayegh perform cranial on several patients, and he requested that one patient come back in one week (instead of two) since he and I did “such a good job together.”

2017 – I helped 2nd year students with the new techniques they were learning during an OMM lab at VCOM.

August 18

2014 – I started medical school and met my lab group’s cadaver, whom we nicknamed Bert.

2015 – I went dancing at Barnacles with a big group of my classmates, including Carolyn, Jeff, Nisarg, Shriya, Shuchi, Trevor, and Zaheera.

2016 – I discovered a cute, local coffee shop in downtown Clarks Summit called Duffy’s.

2017 – I gave a presentation on dementia and age-appropriate memory impairment to the family medicine residents and attendings.

August 19

2014 – I learned how to palpate the cervical spine and determine someone’s regional range of motion.

2015 – Skye and I completed all the paper work so that I could start my job in the library.

2016 – Chioma, Kevin, Nima, Shuchi, and I had dinner at Loading Dock and went back to Nima’s place to hang out afterwards.

2017 – I went to Harrisburg, PA for Lexi’s bridal shower and Pure Romance party.

August 20

2014 – I made a delicious peanut butter and banana smoothie for breakfast.

2015 – We learned some lymphatic techniques in our first OMM lab as second years.

2016 – I slept past 7:30am for the first time in weeks.

2017 – I got stuck in a lot of traffic on my way back to Blacksburg, VA and ended up having two panic attacks during the drive.

August 21

2014 – I performed a laminectomy and extracted Bert’s spinal cord.

2015 – Abdul and I had a difficult but productive conversation regarding our expectations and thoughts about our relationship.

2016 – Shuchi and I spent way too much time on Pinterest getting ideas for our apartment.

2017 – I sat down with LK, one of the chief residents at LewisGale, and got advice regarding my anxiety and how to better prepare for Level 2 of the COMLEX.

August 22

2014 – Carolyn and I went running after class.

2015 – Carolyn, Jeff, and I tabled for the International Medicine Club at the annual SOMA 5K.

2016 – Dr. Sayegh taught me how to treat a restricted tentorium cerebelli.

2017 – I helped 1st year students with any questions they had during their first OMM lab at VCOM.

August 23

2014 – I went to Aiken for Blaire’s first bridal shower.


2015 – I started my day by attending another yoga class in Johns Creek, but I went by myself this time.

2016 – Dr. Sayegh introduced me as a “gifted student” and referred to us as the “dream team.”

2017 – I talked to Zaheera about anxiety, residency applications, and our study schedules.

August 24

2014 – My dad made grits and eggs for breakfast, both of which were amazing.

2015 – We had three hours of lecture on the science behind EKGs, and I realized how much I like cardiology.

2016 – A patient hugged and thanked me for all I’ve done for her when she found out I won’t be working with Dr. Sayegh anymore after this week.

2017 – I took Nala to get spayed and was a nervous wreck all day.

August 25

2014 – I held Bert’s lungs and discovered that I really enjoy the thoracic region of the body.

2015 – I got sushi for dinner with Sara.

2016 – Dr. Sayegh and I treated two patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries.

2017 – I officially applied for residency (I applied to a total of 70 programs)!

August 26

2014 – I learned my first osteopathic manipulation technique.

2015 – Woochul took and edited a professional headshot for me.


2016 – Chioma, Nima, Shuchi, and I took our first 3rd year COMAT exams.

2017 – Ronak and I went hiking at Cascade Falls.

August 27

2014 – I got 4 new tires for Cliff (my Ford Escape) and had the power steering repaired.

2015 – Abdul and I hung out at his place and watched Gone Girl.

2016 – I went to a local high school football game with Dr. Sayegh to get some sports medicine experience.

2017 – I had brunch with Ronak and then drove back home to South Carolina.

August 28

2014 – I dissected Bert’s heart in anatomy lab.

2015 – Jeff came over to study for a few hours.

2016 – Chioma, Nima, and I had lunch at the Backyard Alehouse in downtown Scranton.

2017 – I started my rotation with Dr. Owen at Augusta ENT.

August 29

2014 – Amanda and Taylor came to visit for the weekend, and we had dinner at Starfish in Buckhead.

2015 – Abdul and I went on a drive in his Jeep after I spent all day in the library studying.

2016 – I started my family medicine rotation at a clinic in Kingston and saw 6 patients by myself.

2017 – I established care with a new doctor in Aiken, SC and was started on Lexapro for my anxiety.

August 30

2014 – Amanda, Taylor, and I went out in Midtown with Wales and one of his friends from work.


2015 – I watched some Pathoma videos and reviewed Dr. Zaman’s pathology lectures with Sumeer.

2016 – Shuchi and I had mashed potato pizza from a local pizza place.

2017 – I was invited to interview with Southeastern Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Lumberton, NC and Suburban Community Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency Program in East Norriton, PA.

August 31

2014 – I bought my first maxi dress from a store in Suwanee Town Center.

2015 – I took my first CPR (Cardio, Pulmonary, and Renal) exam, had my IUD inserted by Dr. Thompson, and went to dinner and a movie with Abdul.

2016 – I read two chapters of Family Medicine Case Files during some downtime at the office.

2017 – I was invited to interview with Houston Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Warner Robins, GA.














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