10 ~ October

October 1

2014 – I got a B on my first OMM written exam and aced my first OMM practical.

2015 – I accidentally slept through OMM lab and missed a quiz.

2016 – Anna Lee, Tim, and I watched a couple college football games and made pasta for dinner.

2017 – I analyzed an EKG during morning rounds and really impressed the attending and residents on my team.

October 2

2014 – I had my first PCS practical and received lots of positive feedback from my standardized patient.

2015 – I submitted my application for the OMM teaching fellowship.

2016 – I had brunch with Anna Lee and Tim, and we took their dog, Remi, for a walk.

2017 – I took care of two elderly men with dementia, both of whom were named Bobby.

October 3

2014 – My lab partners and I dissected Bert’s upper arm and axilla.

2015 – I talked through all of Dr. Komiskey’s lectures with Carolyn, Christine, Sumeer, and Will.

2016 – I went to a kick off session with Jonas, my personal trainer.

2017 – One of my patients became disoriented and went streaking down the hallway.

October 4

2014 – Amanda, Carolyn, Taylor, and I went to Oktoberfest in Helen, GA.


2015 – I reviewed over 16 hours worth of lecture material (that’s the most I’ve ever gone through in one day).

2016 – I saw 11 patients, including one with polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis and another one with lice.

2017 – I gave a presentation on cirrhosis.

October 5

2014 – I spent an hour catching up with my brother over the phone while doing laundry.

2015 – I got an 80% on my third CPR exam and went to a yoga class in the highlands with Christine and Sarah.

2016 – I helped mediate a discussion between a 14-year-old patient, her mother, and my attending regarding starting the patient on birth control.

2017 – I worked another 24-hour shift and answered 100 COMQUEST questions during my downtime.

October 6

2014 – I skyped with Lexi and Rebecca for two hours from the school cafeteria.

2015 – I performed female and male GU exams on standardized patients, which included both pelvic and prostate exams.

2016 – I saw a 16-year-old patient with a torn biceps tendon.

2017 – I spent most of the day napping and watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

October 7

2014 – I went to dinner with several of my classmates from last year to celebrate Smitha’s 25th birthday and had a delicious cucumber margarita.

2015 – I ordered matching lotus necklaces for Carolyn, Vaishali, and me.

2016 – Shuchi and I finally got a couch for our apartment.

2017 – I got a great deal on a new interview suit at a Banana Republic factory store.

October 8

2014 – I bought a Patagonia vest like the one I borrowed from Taylor for Oktoberfest.

2015 – I met with the SAAO executive board to plan our 1st Annual Pie a Professor fundraiser.

2016 – I spent the whole day in bed studying and watching The Office.

2017 – I worked a 13-hour shift and then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Ronak.

October 9

2014 – We dissected the forearm and hand in gross anatomy lab.

2015 – I drove Abdul to the airport and studied at Java Vino for a few hours.

2016 – I went to a cycling class at the gym and almost passed out.

2017 – My attending gave us Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, which were my favorite snack when I was in elementary school.

October 10

2014 – I went to Clemson and met my brother’s girlfriend, Suzanne.

2015 – I went to the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game with my dad and Carter.

2016 – I started my inpatient pediatrics rotation at Geisinger Wyoming Valley and suggested a possible diagnosis that the residents hadn’t thought of to our attending.

2017 – Ronak helped me practice for the COMLEX Level 2 PE over FaceTime.

October 11

2014 – Carter and I drove to Aiken to celebrate James’ 8th birthday with our immediate family.

2015 – Mahtab and I volunteered with Positive Impact at the Atlanta Pride Festival.


2016 – I got off work at 2:00pm and spent the afternoon studying at Panera.

2017 – I was invited to interview at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery, which is where Ronak is in residency.

October 12

2014 – I spent some time hanging out with my brother and his roommates before heading back to Lawrenceville.

2015 – Namrata and I made crock pot coconut curry.

2016 – I bought a Groupon for a zip-lining course in the Poconos.

2017 – I interviewed at Geisinger Wyoming Valley in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

October 13

2014 – We dissected  the arteries and veins of the abdomen in gross anatomy lab.

2015 – I had Korean tacos for lunch with Arnold, Jeff, Shuchi, Sumeer, and Trishad.

2016 – I ate lunch with Devesh and some other residents between seeing patients on the pediatric unit and going to our afternoon lectures.

2017 – I took the COMLEX Level 2 PE in Conshohocken, PA and then drove to Harrisburg, PA for Lexi and Travis’ rehearsal.

October 14

2014 – We learned our first soft tissue techniques in OMM.

2015 – I attended 4 hours of lecture, went to a meeting, and completed a whole chapter of Pathoma.

2016 – I drove to Harrisburg to spend the evening with Lexi and her new boyfriend, Travis, before flying to Atlanta in the morning.

2017 – Lexi and Travis got married!

October 15

2014 – I attended an information session for the National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program during lunch.

2015 – I met with Megan to talk about the OMM teaching fellowship.

2016 – Ronak and I had brunch with his sister at The Highland Bakery, walked around midtown and bought food for two homeless men we encountered, had dinner at Bar Taco, and went to see Nicolas Jaar at Terminal West.

2017 – I had a panic attack while driving back to Wilkes-Barre, PA.

October 16

2014 – We removed Bert’s abdominal viscera in order to expose his posterior abdominal wall.

2015 – Carolyn, Shuchi, and I went to Vaishali’s white coat ceremony and had dinner with her family at Luciano’s.

2016 – Ronak and I went to his friend’s parents’ house to watch the Falcons game, and I met two more of his best friends from college.

2017 – One of the family medicine residents told me I was performing at the level of an intern.

October 17

2014 – I attended my first yoga class.

2015 – I worked 10 hours at the library circulation desk.

2016 – I played Go Fish with my favorite patient one last time before he got discharged.

2017 – I had to scrape ice off my car before work.

October 18

2014 – My parents came to town for my white coat ceremony, and we went out to lunch with Carolyn and her family.


2015 – I volunteered at the AIDS Atlanta Walk & 5K with Abdul, Mahtab, Namrata, and some other biomeds.

2016 – I met and got to work with Atith, a 1st year family medicine resident, who gave me advice about how to overcome weakness on my residency application (such as a failing COMLEX score).

2017 – I found out that two residents wrote letters of recommendation to the Geisinger Wyoming Valley program director and medical education coordinator.

October 19

2014 – I spent over 20 hours on campus studying.

2015 – I practiced some OMM techniques on Mahtab and Woochul.

2016 – I finally met Dr. Holtz, the pediatrician I had hoped to work with all month, and she asked me to prepare a 10-minute presentation to give her tomorrow.

2017 – I worked my last 24-hour shift of my audition rotation.

October 20

2014 – I learned a few soft tissue techniques for the thoracic region.

2015 – I treated Dr. Fleming and interviewed with the current OMM fellows as part of the fellowship application process.

2016 – I prepared a presentation on Meckel’s Diverticuli for Dr. Holtz, but I ended up having to work with a different attending who didn’t want to hear it.

2017 – Ronak and I FaceTimed with his mom to wish her a happy Diwali.

October 21

2014 – I passed my third SPOM written exam.

2015 – I passed another CPR exam!

2016 – I got a speeding ticket for going 9 miles over the speed limit on I-81, and the cop was unnecessarily rude to me throughout the entire encounter.

2017 – Ronak and I went to dinner at India Garden in Blacksburg, VA.

October 22

2014 – I aced my third epidemiology/biostatistics exam.

2015 – I went to Cracker Barrel with Jeff, Sumeer, and Trishad for brunch.

2016 – I went to a haunted house and maze in Mountain Top with Kevin.

2017 – Carolyn taught me how to give Roe his asthma medication through an inhaler since I’ll be taking care of him while she’s gone.

October 23

2014 – I went to a wine night at Natalie’s and then to parties at Alex’s and Sharvil’s.

2015 – I volunteered at and attended the Champions of Healthcare dinner.

IMG_1944 - Version 2

2016 – I finished watching The Office on Netflix.

2017 – I worked a half-day with Dr. Walker in Marietta, GA and then went to campus to study.

October 24

2014 – I watched How to Get Away with Murder, ate homemade chickpea curry, and drank spiked apple cider with Claire, Max, Wales, and Matt.

2015 – I spent 16 hours working and studying in the PCOM library.

2016 – I started my OB/GYN rotation and learned how to read a fetal heart tracing.

2017 – I found an engagement ring I really liked and sent a picture of it to Ronak.

October 25

2014 – I started feeling really sick and kept falling asleep at my cubicle in the library.

2015 – I studied on campus for 16 hours for the second day in a row.

2016 – I helped Dr. Leonard perform a biopsy of a cervical mass, explained the severity of the potential results to the patient, and scheduled the patient to return to see us and discuss the results in 2 weeks.

2017 – I answered 200 COMQUEST questions and got my highest score yet.

October 26

2014 – I spent 90% of my day in bed trying to recover.

2015 – I took my last CPR exam, had my final interview for the OMM fellowship, and went to a tasting at Monday Night Brewery with some classmates.

2016 – I got to scrub in for an exploratory laparotomy, a cervical conization, an endometrial ablation, and a total vaginal hysterectomy.

2017 – Ronak and I had a dance party over FaceTime.

October 27

2014 – I made it through half of the day’s lectures before deciding to go home to get more rest.

2015 – Abdul and I had a long conversation about our relationship and decided to break up.

2016 – I had the privilege of talking a patient through her contractions prior to delivery, comforting her during her epidural, watching her daughter be delivered via caesarean section, and helping the pediatrician resuscitate the baby when she was having trouble breathing.

2017 – Mahtab and I went to dinner at Green Basil in Suwanee, GA.

October 28

2014 – I finally started feeling better and attended a lecture on the development of the placenta.

2015 – I attended 6 hours of lecture, met with the SAAO executive board, and went to a family medicine residency panel.

2016 – I worked a night shift on L&D with Dr. Leonard.

2017 – I answered and reviewed 250 COMQUEST questions.

October 29

2014 – We dissected the gluteal region and posterior thigh in gross anatomy lab.

2015 – I went to 8 hours of lecture and got Chinese food with Sumeer for dinner.

2016 – I watched Stranger Things with Kevin and Shuchi.

2017 – I downloaded and started playing Stardew Valley.

October 30

2014 – I went to our class Halloween party as a firefighter.


2015 – SAAO held our 1st Annual Pie A Professor Fall Fundraiser.


2016 – Kevin, Shuchi, and I went to Roba Family Orchard to pick apples and baked an apple pie.

2017 – I comforted one of Dr. Walker’s patients who has been struggling to make ends meet for the past several months.

October 31

2014 – It was snowing when I left campus after studying all night.

2015 – I bought gas for $1.67/gallon.

2016 – I really impressed Dr. Wetzel, my new OBGYN preceptor, and he asked what he would need to do to guarantee that I become an OBGYN and stay in PA to practice.

2017 – I helped Shivam (one of Ronak’s friends) write a personal statement for his PA school application.




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