09 ~ September

September 1

2014 – I got hit on by a cute cashier at CVS.

2015 – I watched 2 hours of Pathoma videos to prepare for Dr. Zaman’s upcoming pathology lectures.

2016 – Shuchi’s mom and I started moving stuff into our new apartment.

2017 – James, Oma (my mom), and I played Jenga Max.

September 2

2014 – I was late to embryology and missed a quiz.

2015 – I worked my first shift at the library.

2016 – I went for one last walk around the East Mountain Apartments complex and got creepily hit on by a guy who was driving by.

2017 – I had lunch with Anna Lee and Sarah Nell at Betsy’s on the Corner.

September 3

2014 – I took and aced my first medical school exam, which was in epidemiology/biostatistics.

2015 – I learned an OMM technique used to get rid of hiccups.

2016 – Dad and Carter drove to Scranton to help me finish moving in.

2017 – I was invited to interview with Lower Bucks Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Bristol, PA.

September 4

2014 – I dissected the branches of Bert’s axillary artery in gross anatomy lab.

2015 – I had a full body wax, which was extremely painful but definitely worth it.

2016 – Anna Lee and Yasmine came to town for a visit, and we spent the day unpacking boxes before having dinner at La Festa (the Italian festival held in downtown Scranton).

2017 – I got my first residency application rejection.

September 5

2014 – I joined the OB/GYN club at school.

2015 – I drove to the lake to spend some time with Pamela, Rickie, and my parents.

2016 – Anna Lee, Yasmine, and I walked around the Steamtown Mall, stopped by Crunch to get information about their student membership, and explored the University of Scranton campus.

2017 – I had a phone interview with Dr. Smith, the program director at Georgia South’s Family Medicine Residency in Moultrie, GA, and it went really well!

September 6

2014 – We had our second mock anatomy lab practical.

2015 – I went wakeboarding in the morning and stopped in Clemson to have lunch with Carter on my way back to Suwanee.

2016 – I got to sleep in a room by myself for the first time in a month and on my own mattress for the first time in over two months.

2017 – I received a phone call from Ashley, the daughter of one of my dad’s co-workers who also happens to be a 4th year DO student, and we ended up talking for 45 minutes.

September 7

2014 – I was on campus studying for over 15 hours.

2015 – Abdul and I washed my car and watched 3 movies (The Boondock Saints, Remember the Titans, and The Land Before Time).

2016 – I had a long day at the clinic and fell asleep mid-FaceTime with Ronak.

2017 – I worked in the allergy department at Augusta ENT and learned how to administer an allergy test.

September 8

2014 – I passed my first SPOM exam, which covered 5 subjects (anatomy, physiology, embryology, histology, and radiology) and had a written and lab portion.

2015 – I attended a lecture on how to best interact with and empathize with Muslim patients.

2016 – I ironically started having ridiculously painful menstrual cramps while attending a lecture on PMS and PMDD.

2017 – I got my hair cut and lightened using the balayage technique.

September 9

2014 – I was taught 3 muscle energy techniques used to increase a person’s lumbar range of motion.

2015 – I got Starbucks with Sumeer on a study break.

2016 – Nima and I drank beer and watched tv at his apartment.

2017 – I walked around Aiken’s Makin’ with my parents and helped them with the new lake house floor plan.

September 10

2014 – I went to a lecture on effective learning strategies for graduate and professional students.

2015 – I went to Thai Diner with Abdul, Carolyn, and Quang for dinner.

2016 – Shuchi and I assembled our new bar stools.

2017 – Dad made me a delicious omelette using vegetables from Pamela and Rickie’s farm.

September 11

2014 – I learned how to use my otoscope and opthalmoscope.

2015 – I got my haircut by David at Nova Salon and finally found a stylist that I’ll go back to again in Suwanee.

2016 – Chioma, Kevin, Nima, Shuchi, and I had brunch at Bar Pazzo.

2017 – Augusta ENT was closed due to Hurricane Irma, so I got to stay home and spend the day with James and Oma (my mom).

September 12

2014 – I joined the GA-PCOM chapter of the Student American Academy of Osteopathy.

2015 – I played basketball with Sumeer, Sunny, and Trishad during a study break.

2016 – I pre-made and froze 6 smoothies to speed up my morning routine.

2017 – My restless leg syndrome worsened after increasing my dose of Lexapro.

September 13

2014 – I went to the Carolina-Georgia game with Claire, and we won 38-35!

2015 – I spent over 14 hours on campus studying for OMM.

2016 – I got a wax at Alexander’s, the salon right next door to my apartment complex.

2017 – I was invited to interview and audition at UPMC Pinnacle’s Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency in Harrisburg, PA.

September 14

2014 – I got a chai tea latte from Starbucks and studied the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of the face and neck.

2015 – I took my first OMM written exam of the year (our seventh overall).

2016 – I participated in a ropes course with the other Geisinger clinical campus students.

2017 – Mom and I had dinner together at Maria’s.

September 15

2014 – Arnold and I did cartwheels in one of the fields on campus during a study break.

2015 – I attended a lecture on how to better provide healthcare services to members of the LGBTQ population.

2016 – I found out that I failed Level 1 of the COMLEX.

2017 – I had an appointment with my optometrist and found out that I am slightly near-sighted.

September 16

2014 – I learned how to test someone’s thoracic range of motion.

2015 – I practiced OMM techniques with Arnold, Jeff, Sumeer, and Trishad.

2016 – Ronak and I hung out with Shuchi at the apartment and then had dinner at Levels in downtown Scranton.

2017 – Pamela and Rickie came over for dinner.

September 17

2014 – I met with some classmates to write our class mission statement.

2015 – I got a 99% on my OMM practical exam.

2016 – Ronak and I hiked around Lake Scranton and found a secluded spot for a picnic with a great view.

2017 – I went to Starbucks to study and do COMQUEST questions.

September 18

2014 – I held a human brain in gross anatomy lab.

2015 – I picked up Abdul from the airport and had dinner with him and CT in midtown.

2016 – Ronak and I drove to Philly, went shopping at Ikea, ate brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe, and had coffee with Hunter in the “gayborhood.”

2017 – I picked up my first pair of glasses.

September 19

2014 – We dissected the orbit of the eye.

2015 – I studied on campus for 8 hours before working a 5-hour shift at the library.

2016 – I worked a 10-hour day in the clinic before heading home to study.

2017 – I was invited to interview at Johnston Memorial Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency in Abingdon, VA.

September 20

2014 – I spent my whole Saturday studying in the library.

2015 – I had banh mi for dinner with Shuchi, Vaidehi, and Zaheera.

2016 – I performed my first pap smear on a 21 year-old-woman and removed four stitches from a 45-year-old woman’s forehead.

2017 – I had a crazy dream about a dystopian society that I think would make a great movie plot.

September 21

2014 – I bought some new work-out clothes with Merin.

2015 – I took my second CPR exam.

2016 – I did my second pap smear on another 21-year-old woman.

2017 – I gave my brother a rakhadi in a delayed celebration of Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu holiday honoring the relationship between brothers and sisters.

September 22

2014 – Two classmates called me a hippie and said they thought I was from Southern California instead of South Carolina.

2015 – I spent a couple hours catching up with Anna Lee and Sarah Nell on the phone.

2016 – I worked half a day in the clinic before going to Adezzo to study for my shelf exam.

2017 – I drove to Blacksburg, VA and went to Rising Silo Brewery with Ronak.

September 23

2014 – I learned 5 muscle energy techniques for the thoracic region of the spine.

2015 – Mahtab and I had lunch together between my classes and her going to lab.

2016 – I took my family medicine COMAT, had lunch with Chioma and Shuchi at Canteen 900 in Forty Fort, and had drinks with a bunch of medical students in downtown Scranton.

2017 – Ronak and I went engagement ring shopping and walked around the Virginia Tech campus.

September 24

2014 – I took and aced my second epidemiology/biostatistics exam.

2015 – SAAO hosted our annual mock practical for the first year DO students.

2016 – Carter and I tried some local beers at the Hickory Nut Gorge Brewery.


2017 – Ronak and I had brunch at 622 North, and then I drove to Wilkes-Barre, PA.

September 25

2014 – I was on campus studying for 20 hours.

2015 – I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Thompson.

2016 – My family and I had a potluck at Hickory Nut Gap Farm to celebrate Grace’s life.

2017 – I worked a 13-hour shift on the first day of my inpatient family medicine audition rotation with Geisinger.

September 26

2014 – I passed my second SPOM written exam and got a B on my first Primary Care Skills (PCS) exam.

2015 – I spent 14 hours on campus studying for CPR.

2016 – I got my oil changed at a Ford dealership in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

2017 – I worked another 13-hour shift and then accidentally fell asleep while studying at 9:15 pm.

September 27

2014 – I failed my mock SPOM lab exam.

2015 – I worked a double at the library from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.

2016 – I started my pediatrics rotation at The Wright Center and saw 5 patients by myself.

2017 – I admitted 2 patients to the family medicine service.

September 28

2014 – I spent most of my day in the gross anatomy and OMM labs preparing for my upcoming practical exams.

2015 – I discovered a new indie pop artist – Halsey.

2016 – I saw a 5-year-old child with hand, foot, and mouth disease.

2017 – I worked a 25-hour shift and received a lot of good feedback from the residents and attendings with whom I worked.

September 29

2014 – I got a B on my second SPOM lab exam (a huge improvement from the failing grade I received on the mock two days ago).

2015 – I got to sleep in until 10:30.

2016 – I diagnosed a 16-year-old girl with a bacterial UTI.

2017 – Ronak told me that Nala has fleas.

September 30

2014 – I got 8 hours of sleep for the first time in two weeks.

2015 – I attended 6 hours of mandatory guest lecture and spent the rest of the day preparing for my first CRIBS exam.

2016 – I talked to Parissa on the phone for the first time in a month.

2017 – Zaheera called and told me she passed the COMLEX Level 2 PE.








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