Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!

In less than 8 months, I will be starting rotations, which means I may not have another Thanksgiving off for anywhere from 2-10 years. Therefore, I am going to spend this Thanksgiving day celebrating with my family rather than studying or blogging on my computer. I hope y’all will do the same.

This means I won’t be doing a Thankful Thursday post for the month of November, but I’ll pick it back up in December. That being said, I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember to take a moment to think about the many things in your life for which you are thankful!


Family, Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!

After spending my day celebrating Thanksgiving in Charleston, SC with my dad’s side of the family, I can’t help but share with y’all how grateful and happy I am to be here. I am thankful for many things in my life—from having access to good, quality food on a daily basis to having a safe, warm place to sleep at night—but tonight I find myself to be most thankful for the opportunity I’ve had for the past couple days to take a break from school and spend time catching up with my extended family and closest friends. I am extremely lucky to have such a large and loving network of people in my life and even luckier to attend a school that’s only three to six hours away from most of them.



While reflecting on all of the things for which I am thankful and subsequently writing this post, I realized how beneficial it would be if I were to reflect in such a way on a more consistent basis. Therefore, I would like to start a new tradition of regularly writing about things for which I am grateful in a series of Thankful Thursday posts. I am not sure when the first of these posts is going to be yet, but make sure you’re on the lookout for that!


I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you fully embraced the opportunity to reflect on the joys and blessings in your own life while celebrating with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all, and sweet dreams!